Bucketlist RESTful API

The Bucketlist REST API is in beta (feedback welcome), and is currently read-only (this will probably change in the future.) It currently allows developers and other web sites, widgets, etc. to retrieve details on a single goal or a user's list of goals in JSON or XML formats.

In all cases, JSON is the default format. If you prefer to consume XML, append ?format=xml to the end of the API request URL.

Retrieve details on a single item (goal)


Where [urlhash] is replaced by the unique item string in the URL, e.g.:


The list of fields exposed should be self-explanatory (see link above for example).

Retrieve items (goals) for a given user

Items can either be completed or not, and your application will probably want to distinguish these either by rendering two separate lists or by flagging or coloring list items by completion status. You can retrieve a list of completed, incomplete, or all items.


Where [username] is replaced by the unique username string.

Because each item includes the owner name and the URL of the list that contains it, you can retrieve list meta-data from the 0th item of the list if you need it.

Implementation examples

These examples demonstrate retrieving and rendering data with Javascript (loading in JSON data with JQuery's .getJSON method). Of course you can use any technique you like with your language of choice.