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Jamie Hord on Barter something
You can do it. I know. I am almost to the point of bartering for a living. I can tell you it takes patience and persistence to make a trade-up. Just look at the value ...

Jamie Hord on Buy a stranger something expensive off of their wishlist
That is a cool bucketlist. I have though about buying a stranger items from there wishlist also.

Mikkel von on Have a baby

Niala Wesley on "Unplug" for 48 hours
The only reason I've been able to accomplish this is that I sometimes sleep for 12 to 24 hours straight (I don't have an internal alarm clock, I sleep like I'm in a coma) or ...

Tre Sullivan on Go on an african safari
Look at service projects there.

Dee El Coupe on Graduate from university
2 more years :D

Ole Toft on See snow fall
No really a thing to put on the list. Maybe I should make it a year without snow....

jane.e.brassington on "Unplug" for 48 hours
The only time I managed it was in intensive care.....but maybe that is not unplugged! Not to be recommended anyway.

Michelle Barber on Road Trip with Friends
Congrats! Where did you go?

CanyonWild on Complete the Spartan Sprint
Sounds great, this will defenitly be on top of my list! :)

GuttersnipeRebecca on Go skydiving
what's it say on your hands?

manoj kumar on Days... 30 pics
Whats up...pinkie

CanyonWild on Tell everybody to hate Nazis
Tell everyone to hate traffic jams

Niala Wesley on #68 Be an extra in a movie
Which movie was it?

mrudula mettime on Learn how to whistle
idhi ayipoyindhi ga....completed list lo veyochu dheni

Tammy Abraham on #32 Help Build a house
I will be building my house

Baratos on Complete the Spartan Sprint
It was awesome, when else do you get the chance to get out, climb some walls, get muddy and feel like a total bad-ass. I highly recommend it.

jennymanydo . on Piss on the Nazi Symbole
Piss on allied symbol.

jennymanydo . on Tell everybody to hate Nazis
Tell everyone to hate allied/communists.

jennymanydo . on Meet someone from the Nazi german party
I'm a national socialist who knows real ones from era. Don't believe the allied crap.

jennymanydo . on Spit on a nazi's grave
I'll add "spit on allied's grave". Wait....I have integrity.

CanyonWild on Complete the Spartan Sprint
This seems so much fun!!

edd.supriyadi on Feed the wild bunnies on Usagi Shima (Rabbit Island), Japan
i have 15 bunnies at home, but go to Rabbit Island would be great experience hehehe

Michelle Barber on See the Berlin Wall
While in Berlin 13 years ago, I saw parts of the Berlin Wall. Sometimes it's not obvious what you're looking at; other times it's been covered with really beautiful grafitti. I think it'd be cool ...

ZombieGirl on Eat at the Cheesecake Factory
I know what you mean by expensive!haha My sister and I went and our bill was $ is good though and like you said worth trying despite the prices!

Niala Wesley on Watch 'The Impossible'
Ewan McGregor is a great crier. He doesn't try to look manly or deep when he is crying on film so instead of it looking artistic, it looks authentic. I don't have any kids but ...

Daniel Griffin on Watch 'The Impossible'
Yeah, I'll agree. Ewan McGregor's portrayal and the raw emotions he brought to the screen really struck a cord with me. I've got 3 kids of my own and thinking about getting scattered and separated ...

ZombieGirl on Watch every Milla Jovovich Movie
She is very pretty. I have seen all but the first Resident Evils in theaters......I think she does an excellent job as Alice.

ZombieGirl on Go back and read 10 classic books
Thanks for the suggestions! I already requested Dracula through the local library=) Figured I would read some monster books in time for Halloween.

ZombieGirl on Watch every Rob Zombie movie
The Haunted world of El Superbeasto is a animated movie.....a very weird one xD The Lords of Salem is worth a watch but at the end you are going to be like "What the Hell?" ...

Niala Wesley on Watch 'The Impossible'
I cried so much watching that movie! SPOILERS. The scene when Ewan McGregor is on the phone and breaks down sobbing because he's afraid his wife and eldest son are dead. The scene when the ...

Niala Wesley on Watch every Milla Jovovich Movie
I've seen at least 10 of her movies. She is so gorgeous. I love that while working to complete this list you end up watching 5 zombie movies and 2 alien movies.

Niala Wesley on Go back and read 10 classic books
The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. It's a fictionalized expose on the Chicago meat packing district. A Lithuanian family moves to the US full of hope and dreams (believing anything is possible with hard work) and ...

Niala Wesley on Build up a one month food stockpile
I keep wanting to stockpile (the number of disaster movies I've seen is insane!) but I live within walking distance of dozens of stores and it really takes away my motivation.

Niala Wesley on Watch every Rob Zombie movie
I absolutely love House of a 1000 corpses & The devil's rejects. I've also seen his two Halloween remakes. I've never heard of The haunted World of El Superbeasto and forgot to put The Lords ...

Niala Wesley on Explore a forest
I've always wanted to explore a forest. Actually, I've always wanted to build my dream house in the middle of a forest. It's good that you got a tranquil forest and not a Wrong Turn/Deliverance/Cabin ...

Connie Petersen on Go to a Drive in Movie Theatre
That's great ! Hope you had a wonderful time!

Niala Wesley on Find a Unicorn
If you succeed, you should probably be very careful whom you tell. You don't want to both be the discoverer that unicorns still exist and the cause of their extinction.

Matt Johnson on Complete Tough Mudder competition
I know someone who has done it and it does look pretty brutal

Matt Stone on Find a Unicorn
That's going to be a tricky one.

Nirvana B on Save a life
She is lucky to have you :) it must have felt like the best thing you've ever done!

Niala Wesley on Have a life-long nick-name
Breezy is really cute. I like it. I've had 3 nicknames growing up. Toyota. Yoda. Monkey butt.

Niala Wesley on Attend a ComicCon
I'm such a huge Supernatural fan that I smiled brighter at the thought of meeting the "original impala" than I did at "Norman Reedus". Sorry Norm, I've been a fan of Baby longer.

Niala Wesley on Get a first job interview
I'm glad you got the other job and sorry you didn't get the one you really wanted. Have you ever visited one of the public libraries in your city? They have lots of books on ...

Niala Wesley on Stay at an airport all night
Was it snowed in? Were you eavesdropping on conversations? It's what I'd be doing. I think I would've been disappointed that it was one hour short a solid 24 hours. So close to saying you ...

Niala Wesley on Run an 8k race
I love that there are so many different kinds of races/marathons. I think I'll add this to my list. Any excuse to wear a green tutu! :)

Amy Hutcheon on Swim with Dolphins
IT is such an amazing experience! I hope you manage to do it!

Matt Johnson on Play Quidditch
The fact this is actually possible is pretty awesome

Niala Wesley on Try Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans
I would never risk tasting one of those! You might end up getting booger flavored or puke flavored or smelly socks flavored. The list of so gross it's almost traumatizing flavors is endless.

Amir Hossein Yekta Mojhdehi on Jump into a pool fully clothed
At first I have to say that my girlfriend is my cousin.We went to Abali in Tehran there was an ancient fountain that all boys were swimming in that fully clothed.I wore a black T.shirt ...

Amir Hossein Yekta Mojhdehi on Jump into a pool fully clothed
Yesterday we went to a restaurant and it had a fountain in its yard.I wore a blue T.shirt and blue jeans and a black cap.I was near the fountain when my mother pushed me in ...

Amir Hossein Yekta Mojhdehi on Jump into a pool fully clothed
Last week we went to the beach.I wore a black T.shirt and gray jeans and a black cap.I decided to swim fully clothed and my mother said"You have to be in your wet clothes until ...

Piotr Galica on Cover someone's car in Post-it notes
It's too crazy :)

Piotr Galica on "Unplug" for 48 hours
It's something fantastic be unpluged but very heavy in our time. Look simple but it not will be that simple i think

bluenwild on Watch every movie mentioned by Anthony DiNozzo in the series NCIS: Navy Criminal Investigative Services
Wow, this one is great! I love it, thanks for sharing =)

Patchwork+Patchouli on Lose another 3lbs
Thank you! :)

codebluebucket on Ride a jetski
I like your list. How was the jetski?

GuttersnipeRebecca on Play on the World Highest Tennis Court Dubai
I heard its can be both depending on its need (I am guessing mostly helipad)

Shane Lee on Play on the World Highest Tennis Court Dubai
It was only a tennis court once, it's a helipad now.

Zorin Muller on Go on an african safari
And see an African Elephant with other animals in an open Savannah....

Zorin Muller on Build a Gingerbread House
Ceritanya Hansel & Gretel ya - ehehehe

Chris Harasta on Play 500 Different "Board Games"
Edit: Somewhere in my top 10 should be Dominion.

missripley on "Unplug" for 48 hours
I gave up tv for a week and got so much done!

Emma Pollard on See the Northern Lights
I would love to see the northern lights defiantly something I have to do before I die:)

ZombieGirl on "Unplug" for 48 hours
Couldn't go 48 without video games and TV??

ZombieGirl on Proudly wear a bikini
Thank you! =) =)

abriah on Proudly wear a bikini
You look fantastic! You should be undeniably proud of your body! You go girl!

James Briscoe on "Unplug" for 48 hours
I could never do that without tearing my hair out!

Lisa Link on Get 100 likes on a facebook profile picture
Congratulations, but this is a really pretty picture so you deserve it! :)

Lisa Link on Be the voice of an anime character
Do you want to dub an episode that will be on the tv or just one for the internet? Because if it's the letter you could write to one of the countless fan dubbing teams ...

Jessie Johnson on Go on a treasure hunt
Robert have you thought of diving for treasure

Ooha Maruri on To go on a long Cycling trip

jayasri sridhar on Be the voice of an anime character
ikr, even i lyk anime a lot. voicing a character wud be real cool.

Susannah Cherry on Lose another 3lbs
I like your style. Bit by bit is the way to succeed!

Sas Pro on Learn to ride a motorcycle
So want to do this but scared as hell 'cause the death rate in a bike is hard

bluenwild on Get 100 likes on a facebook profile picture
or I just have more facebook friends because I add everyone I just hardly know lol

Shivee Sirmauri on Smoke a joint in Amsterdam
Take me along..!

ZombieGirl on Get 100 likes on a facebook profile picture
I will never get that many likes because I am not pretty like you. lol

Niala Wesley on Eat fondue
Fondue will always make me think of Brittney S. Pierce and her cat from Glee.

ZombieGirl on Reconstruct 2 tee-shirts
Looks awesome! =)

ZombieGirl on Reconstruct 2 tee-shirts
I have done this to many of my shirts! =)

Yingting Huang on Get a driver's licence

Niala Wesley on Have many piglet dalls
They are so adorable! Now I want some. :)

Niala Wesley on Get my driver's license
I hope things work out, whatever is going on.

Niala Wesley on Participate in GISHWHES 2014
I'm definitely going to participate next year. The only reason I haven't is that I do not have any friends and am not good at doing outgoing things by myself.

Niala Wesley on Fill an entire spiral notebook with writing
Writing in spiral notebooks is one of the reasons I still get giddy over back-to-school sales. Spiral notebooks go from $1 down to 10-25 cents.

Niala Wesley on Read a whole book in one weekend
I will add that to my list of books to read. I own Pride & Prejudice and zombies but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I did read a zombie book called Allison Hewitt ...

Niala Wesley on Try Funeral Potatoes
I think I've had that before. I love potatoes and eat them every way (peeled and chopped, French fries, tater tots, hash browns, wedges, curly fries, mashed, etc.)

Niala Wesley on Watch a spider eat a bug
Most bugs seem to be part demon. I mean, they get stepped on by beings thousands of times heavier than them or roll around in poison or get chopped in half and yet sometimes they ...

Niala Wesley on A wraparound porch
I absolutely love gothic Victorians. It's one of the reason I love ghost movies. They often feature 3 story houses with wrap around porches, large windows, dark wood paneling, library, double doors, secret passageways, attics, ...

Kryssi Kay on Go a month without drinking Pepsi
For 3 years I had given up soda. I didn't know what started it. I remember at an event I was given soda and I sipped it and my teeth began to hurt. I drink ...

ZombieGirl on Go a month without drinking Pepsi
I hardly drink soda anymore for the same reason. I use to drink sooo much as a teen. Now when I splurge and get a Pepsi I have 2 sips before I feel sick and ...

ZombieGirl on A wraparound porch
My dream home would be a Gothic Victorian! They are by far the most beautiful house to me. I would be fine with any Victorian house though. =)

ZombieGirl on Watch a spider eat a bug
I did not know about the worms latching onto peoples eyes and make them go blind....what kind of demon worm is that!? haha

Niala Wesley on Attend Anne Rice's Vampire Ball in New Orleans, LA
How have I never heard of this? I first read Interview with the vampire in elementary and now I have almost every single book by Anne Rice and even collect her son's books.

Niala Wesley on Say Yes To Everything For A Day
My family would abuse the hell out of this. The first thing they'd ask me to do is eat meat (I've been meat-free for 12 years). My sister would probably make me cut off my ...

Niala Wesley on Go a month without drinking Pepsi
I was always a Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper girl while thinking Pepsi was gross. One of my sisters loves Pepsi. I had to give up dark soda because it was starting to make me ...