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Carole cook on Hike to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon
I did this in my 40's and 50's and I challenged myself to do it once every decade. I'm 67 now so I need to do it again. I've been looking after my mom for ...

Chestnutjam on Grow A Bonsai Tree
Been thinking about trying to grow one for months. Clicked "Feeling lucky?" and got this. Hey Joe.

Jessica Bailey on Go Sky Diving
I wanna do this :)but where to go. suggestions ?

Mujo Ambešković on Visit Times Square
sip some bubbly with jay z

Lydia Gotts-Woolner on Play on the World Highest Tennis Court Dubai
What if the ball fell off the edge?!

kevin.phelan.391 on Swim with sharks
thank you fiona for giving me a place to go swimming with sharks i always wanted to do it so i now know were i can go and do it so again think for putting ...

Tania Mulder Jacquelin on Find Nobel Square
Well done ! more in the bucket now ... :-)

Angel Cruz on Buy a map of the world and pin all the places ive been
Not only is to be done, but i've come with an idea! I will put cords between the places I have lived! or between the long intercontinental trips! something liket that, not only pin all ...

Ewelina Łanoszka on Be someone`s shower

Dominika Łyszczek on Go swimming in the sea at night (naked^^)
Dobra, ale jedziesz ze mną;D

Ewelina Łanoszka on Dye my Hair a Crazy Color
Różowy? Zielony? Niebieski? A może wszystkie na raz? ;)

Ewelina Łanoszka on Go swimming in the sea at night (naked^^)
Na co Ci namiot? Idź na żywioł i śpij pod gołym niebem :D

Emily Thompson on Attend a Masquerade Ball
Yea !!! Sound fun!!!

Anni Wang on Publish A Book
Hey! I'm thinking of writing a book too! Can you please point out some things that you did that was really really bad/good?

Pamela Uy on Phillipines
It's spelled as Philippines. I just need to say it coz it's my country. :)

Bart Lindski on Create Perfect Health
Great Work Man! very inspirational.

Olivia Wilson on Sail around Australia
Wow, this is crazy. My sister is in love with australia and we have been planning to sail all the way around it for like two years! Crazy!

Georgio Rayala on Multi Millionaire
I will meet you on december 31 2014 with a big bag in my hand.drop one crore in that and i will do anything for you.

Georgio Rayala on Luxury Sedan Car
Present one for me also bro.I need one real bad.Thanks in advance and remember any one will do.

alex grose on Weigh 120 pounds
good for you...however it looks to me like if you loose another 40 pounds, when you turn sideways, we wont see you. lol. good luck

Joyce Chan on Have sex in a public place and don't get caught ;)
Oh, that's actually romantic. My first thought was you were in a hot tub in a YMCA or something. Dubious water that dozens of people have steeped in gets smashed up in your lady bits? ...

Simion Maria-Mădălina on Make a positive difference in the world
apply for being an AIESEC-er , and you'll definitely change the world

Tiff Thomas on Spend the Day BLIND
Going to give it a try :-)

Koen Geerts on Learn at least 5 languages
Native language is Dutch and I recently took my CAE so not counting those ones. Currently learning French C1 and Mandarin Chinese, so those are priorities. After that want to start on Swahili, Catalan and ...

Doug Ford on Own a Polydactyl cat
I have one. I call him Boxer since it looks like boxing gloves. Awesome cat.

Robin Vellekoop on Meedoen met Geocaching
Wat is dat dan?

dianaxf on Stay in a Glass Igloo in Finland to watch Aurora Borealis
Thank you! You just reminded me of something that I had forgotten, namely that amazing hotel!

SooMin Koh on Close my eyes and point to a place on the map and just travel to it
Hi! I was scrolling through "recent ideas" tab, and this caught my attention. Sounds like a real fun idea, and I think I'll add it to my bucket list too! Wish you luck and hope ...

Leah Glidewell on Have a 'perfect week'
That's just dumb. :I

Ericka Jones on Do a charity run
I do the Walk n Roll for Spina Bifida every year. It's a mile fun run and it's in October

Freyja Örvarsdóttir on Go to Iceland
I'm from Iceland, you should totally visit :)

Amy To on Meet a new friend outside of my circle
That is such a cool idea!

gruninec Deleon on Dye my Hair a Crazy Color
Um... expresses joy I sense like Jack the actor has an abundance of paying off characters. mound StationsKerala has some of the grand, tranquil, witching mound stations of south India. In that he saith, A ...

Caroline Stevenson on Go to Hawaii
I live in Hawaii. Its pretty damn fun

Caroline Stevenson on Go to Hawaii
i live in Maui, Hawaii. But its not as amazing when you see it every day

gruninec Deleon on Dye my Hair a Crazy Color
acquire French the Fast and Fun Way Tip 4 The fastest way to get word is... fetching a trip to France. That's because speeches are too complex and constitutive to be constructed just from rules. ...

myduallife on Have a picnic in a park
would love to do this!!!!

Frenchie on See a feral cat in Disneyland
that's awesome

Nick Brooks on Meet a Famous Person!
I met Dave Chappelle at the DC Plaza in Kettering Ohio, No lie

katherine dodd on Dance with my Dad at my Wedding
I love this jodie<3

Caleb Adoh on Learn to ski
i really love skiing. funny dat i aint done it before...who would love to take me through my first ski? please

meghdad aghaziaraty on Visit as many cities in Iran as I can
glad to meet you, i'm iranian

Marie Onate on Visit the Amazon
you're about to!!!!!!!

Hope Hope on Read every novel written by Nicholas Sparks
How´s your progress ?

Erin K on Paris, france - visit
I made a day trip out of it from London last year. More beautiful than I thought. Glad I decided to make the trip!

caucuna Kennedy on Dye my hair orange
You can constantly use up help from anyone who is good in handling glasshouses. These aggregations of cays feature existed pulled up from former CD tonalities of other games. In other quarrels, we face up ...

Ani Römer on Learn and Master Archery
I´m doing archery in a club. Last year I learned to throw an axe. Its really cool....

Rae Fin on Josh beat Cancer
I just saw this now and it's been a while since you posted it, but I hope that Josh is doing well, and that the rest of your family is as well.

Manuel Sy on Dye my hair orange
i love it

Gonzague de Sanssouci on Visit NYC and stay in the Library Hotel
I have visited New York some years ago. The Library hotel looks really great and I will keep it in mind for a next time. Hope you can visit NYC and stay there very soon.

Kieu Le on PhD scholarship
You will :)

Deanna Hatcher on Do a skeleton bob
what's a skeleton bob?

Aye Mya on Visit a Buddhist temple
Google "Bagan Temples". My favourite place in the whole world!

Marina S on Watch the sunrise at Mount Sinai ( Moses Mountain)
I did the climb at night via the stairs of repentance (I repented alright!) with some new friends and made it to the top by sunrise.

Marina S on Try One Exotic Food a Day for a Month
I like this idea, but one exotic food a day might be too much for me on my current budget.

Leslie Barrow on Become a Foster Parent
He's a cutie!

Leslie Barrow on Mail a secret to PostSecret
Wow, that's amazing!

Leslie Barrow on Lose 75-80 pounds in 2014
I'm so excited. I've started biking 6 days out of the week and I've managed to drop about 13 pounds since March 19, 2014. My clothes are fitting me differently and it's great.

triege uadiale on Swim with Dolphins
Im jealous!

sonja loyd on Knit a sweater Lady from expression fibers ,Shes awesome,that is how I started adn still use youtube videos to learn,Never pay for it! Good Luck

Katie Billings on See a Broadway show in NYC
Wow that's really cool I'm going to see that on a trip this spring too

John James Boxshall on Learn to Paint
I know that I can.. I never have but inside me I know. Iv'e done an outline sketch on a canvas; that's probably cheating, yet it is a 'very basic' out'line' - now, like Ginger ...

missripley on Name three things that I am greatful for, everyday for 21 days
I hope Josh is a troll

missripley on Get a Tattoo
Hahahahahahaahahahaahahah! I vandalised my body too. And I will do it again. I'm sure I've done worse things to not get into "heaven" anyway

Jemma Bradaigh on Explore Chernobyl
Yeah I think there's a rare cancer of the salivary glands people can get. I wouldn't risk it unless someone could convince me it was completely safe. I don't mind taking risks but this kind ...

Jemma Bradaigh on Get a Tattoo
I love your tattoo Camille, especially because it represents something so important to you :)

Jemma Bradaigh on Get a Tattoo
Yeah each to their own please! I am an atheist with tattoos and would take offence if anybody said that to me!

Maris Tamjärv on Do the 90 day business challenge
Is this not done?

Raya Marie on Hug a Koala Bear in Australia
Hi :) Just a heads up, Koala's aren't bears.

skylar webber on Meet Jennifer Lawrence
OMG! you saw her im so jealous

ZombieGirl on Name three things that I am greatful for, everyday for 21 days
I thought your list was amazing =)

ZombieGirl on Get a Tattoo
Please take your self righteous comments somewhere else.

Josh Cameron on Get a Tattoo
God says treat you're body like a temple. Do you really want to vandalize your temple by putting meaningless birds on it?

Josh Cameron on Name three things that I am greatful for, everyday for 21 days
Can you at least try to make the pictures the same size so when there's a slideshow the page doesn't move up and down when i'm trying to read the text? Hmm idk, maybe you ...

Sangeet Sejpal on Finish the book power of now in 10 days
Give me your experience about the book. Especially, What should one do to deal with fears?

TravelingSchishkabob on Read 1000 books (218)
Can you link me to the top 10 Australian book list, or recommend me a book by an Australian author?

laila saf on Learn To Say Exactly What I Mean
I have problems to express my salf to people and show them what I mean

Summer Young on Travel coast to coast !
My #1 goal!!! People think I am crazy when I tell them about this plan.

Summer Young on Travel across the United States
This is my #1 goal! People think I am crazy when I tell them I want to do this.

Chuck Plake on Visit Mount Rushmore in South Dakota
Gppd luck. You will enjoy it.

jasonlindstrom on Get a Mug
Dude, nice mug!!

Smokey on Learn Latin
mango languages is free in some libraries and they have latin now.

arheza on Watch the sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial
Hope you're doing better, hang in there :)

arheza on Watch the sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial
Hi, I really liked your story. Have the same issues too!

ZombieGirl on Travel on the world’s longest highway in Australia
I will one day! =) Australia is seriously my number one place to visit and see!

Jespey on Travel on the world’s longest highway in Australia
Hah! Look at that, I travel along the M1 more than once a Week, did not even know it was considered part of the Longest Highway in the world! Come visit, ill be able to ...

123 456 on Drive down lombard street, San Francisco

Jay Malone on Take a picture every day for a whole year
One of the most rewarding things I have done!

Josefine Andersen on Write myself a letter seal it and read it 10 years later
I know this website where you can send yourself a email in the future, it may be easier to do that! :) This is the website if you wanna try it out :)

Lydia Kurlan Murawski on Walk the Good Friday Pilgrimage to Chimayo Santaurio, New Mexico
How's the training going??? :-)

Lydia Kurlan Murawski on Take a train ride in the US
Always wanted to do this!!

Caroline Rudderham on Ride in a Horse Drawn Carriage
This would be so romantic to do with my husband.

Tamara Turner-Ottke on Teach someone Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian
LOL I would love to learn Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian!!!

Louise Lobão on Use a fake name at starbucks
Did it yesterday, was Temperance :P

Maurice A on Backpack Through Europe
I am going this summerbut wouldn't mind doing it again before i reach my thirties. If you need a travel companion, let me know.

Judith Dirckx on Experience a sunrise in the desert
Wow, that is beautifull!

Katie Glendon on Work in Australia for 2 years
We will be ticking this off on our arrival back to this country in 3 years ;)

debra snell on Flint Hills road trip!
Thanks for sharing that link. beautiful photography