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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this place?

Kick The Bucket Paint is a place where you can jot down your life's ambitions, then tell the story once they've been accomplished. You know all those things you swear you're going to do before you die? This is where you keep track of them.

What makes differnet?

  • The goal of is to give you one place to track and achieve your life goals
  • This is also a great place to find inspiration in the accomplishments of others
  • You can also see how others have achieved their goals.
  • We've made it easy to share your upcoming and completed accomplishments

Use Bucketlist to chronicle your accomplishments, to find other goals you might find interesting, and to encourage others to get it done. Bucketlist is a web-based personal intentions system, a social network, a repository of interesting stories, and a way to meet people who think like you do.

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How do I work it?


To start your own bucketlist, first create an account on Bucketlist.

Once logged in, please take a few minutes to add information to your profile (general location, interests, social networks, a bit of information about yourself). Adding profiles will make the site more enjoyable for everyone, and will help people find people with similar interests.

To add an item to your bucketlist, click the "Quick Add" link in the main menu. Please include a few sentences describing what it will take to accomplish your goal. Want to add fancy formatting, links, images or video to your Notes? See Adding Media.

You might also want to add a few tags to your goal -- descriptive words like "Nutrition," "Adventure, or "Politics." Separate your tags with commas. Adding good tags will help other people find your goals from the Search pages.

After you complete your goal, you'll be invited to edit its Notes and Tags fields again. Now is the time to add the story describing how you completed your goal. We love it when people add photos and video describing how they did their thing.

Newly added items go straight to the top of your list, but you can easily re-order it -- just click the Reorder List button at the bottom of your list, then drag and drop to change item order.

Bucketlist lets you "follow" people and their lists, and provides weekly email summaries of the goals added -- or completed by -- the people you follow.

Have a Twitter account? You can post a link to your item before or after the goal is completed by clicking the "Tweet This" button.

Anyone can read anything posted to Bucketlist. We believe the web is at its best when it's a public space. If you feel your goals should be private, keep them in a file on your desktop, or do it on Facebook.

See also Can I have a private bucketlist?

Note: Sometimes we post links to killer goals in our Twitter stream.

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Can I post my laundry list here?


Bucketlist is not Remember the Milk. Technically, we can't stop you from creating goals like "Pick up the kids from soccer" or "Lunch with Ned," but we're going for something different here. Bucketlist is about the bigger picture, the things you really want to make happen before you die. Most goals listed here will be about things you'll only do a few times in your life. Things that take time, preparation, and heart. Things you'll be proud of forever.

At the same time, your goals should be accomplishable. We could all post "Climb Mount Everest," but really? If you're a pro mountain climber, go for it. But for most of us, that might be a bit overly-ambitious. Stick to things that make sense in some actual version of your life. "Help out a charity" or "Perfect my chili recipe" or "Learn to play the oboe" or "Get the other guy elected" or "Climb a Hawaiian volcano" make a lot more sense.

Just sayin' -- Think big, dream on, but be realistic.

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Can I add goals I've already accomplished?

Maybe there are things you always wanted to do, and you've already done them. Awesome! There's no reason why you shouldn't add already-accomplished goals to your list. Bucketlist is all about the stories (not the Benjamins), so it's a perfect opportunity. Just add your item, mark it "Complete" and add a story as usual.

See something in someone else's list that you've already done? You can click the "I've done this!" button to copy that goal into your own list.

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Setting up your profile / getting an avatar


It's more fun to discover people and their goals when you know something about the people whose lists you're following. We strongly encourage you to add a few details to your profile, such as your general geographic region, some notes on your interests and hobbies, and your Facebook or Twitter usernames. To set up your profile, follow the "Edit Profile" link near the top of your personal List page.

Want an image or avatar to go with your List? You've got choices. Feel free to upload a headshot or other image when editing your profile. Uploaded images will be automatically resized to 200px wide or tall.

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Vote / Add to my list / I've done this

VoteAdd to my listI've done this

As you browse through Bucketlist, you can vote for items you think are interesting by clicking the "Vote" button below the item title. Most-liked items are are tallied under the Featured / Most-liked section - popular items float to the top of the list.

Find something cool on someone else's list that you'd like to add to your own? Click the "Add to my list" button. When you do that, you'll get a new copy of that item in your own list, which you can then modify. Clicking "Add to my list" also registers an up-vote for that item.

See something on someone's list that you've done at some point in the past? Click "I've done this!" to copy that item into your own list with the "Completed" flag already set. You'll have the opportunity to enter a story and images/video for that item when you do.

Note: You can edit the story for a copied item, but not the title. This is important so we can track things like "Most Copied" items (a list of copied items with different titles wouldn't make much sense.) If you want an item with a different title, create a new item.

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Following lists

Everyone I followWho's following me?

Bucketlist lets you "follow" other people's lists. So what happens when you follow someone? Several things:

  • Their added and completed items show up in the Following section under the main menu
  • Their added and completed items show up in the RSS "following" feed
  • You'll receive occasional emails summarizing all of the items added or completed by the people you follow (you can turn this option off in your profile)

From your Following page, you also have quick access to all the people you follow, and all of the people following you.

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Adding images and video to your stories

One of the best ways to make your story rock is to add related images or video. But Bucketlist doesn't store media files directly - you won't be uploading things to our site. Instead, we assume you'll be putting images on Flickr or Photobucket, or video on YouTube or Vimeo, and we've made it super easy to embed that media into your goals. You can even embed tweets from Twitter, or products from Amazon! In fact, we support media embedding from more than 200 sites supported by

Here's how:

How to Embed Media at from Scot Hacker on Vimeo.

Tip: The images and video you add don't necessarily need to be your own! Most media-sharing sites allow embedding of media into other sites. If media owners don't want their stuff embedded, they can turn that option off. So even if you haven't yet taken that dream trek through Machu Picchu, you can still illustrate your goal with images and video shot by others. It's not cheating -- really!

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Why can't I embed images from Facebook?

Unfortunately, Facebook has apparently disabled the ability to embed photos into other sites, even if they're marked public. Bucketlist will re-enable this ability if Facebook ever re-enables it. For now, please use one of the other 200 media providers on the embedly list (see above).

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Deleting and restoring items

You'll find a Delete button at the bottom of the Edit view for every item you own. If you accidentally delete an item, look for the Restore button at the bottom of your List page. From there you can restore trashed items individually, or permanently delete all of your trashed items.

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Ordering items

Want to put your items in a particular order? No problem! At the bottom of your list, look for the "Re-order items" button.

Re-order your list

Click that button and you'll be able to drag and drop items into any order you like. This is way better than putting numbers in front of item titles. After all, if you have a 100-item list and later decide you want to put something in between items 34 and 35, you don't want to have to manually re-order all of your items, do you? For this reason, if you start an item title with a number, the Bucketlist webmonkey will remove it automatically (remember, your item will also appear in the Recent and other views, and will look weird sitting all alone with the number "34" in front of it).

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Why can't I start an item title with a number?

First, see the FAQ above, Ordering items. If you have a 100-item list and later decide you want to put something in between items 34 and 35, you don't want to have to re-order all of your items, do you?

A big part Bucketlist is letting users copy items from your list into their own lists. If you call an item "34) Go skydiving" and then someone copies that item into their own list or clicks "I've done this," then it's going to show up in their list as "34) Go skydiving." In addition, remember that the Recent and Featured views show everyone's items merged together. Your number 34 makes no sense in that context.

Every time an item is added or edited, we do some cleanup on it to strip out HTML tags, remove spaces and punctuation marks from the end, capitalize the first letter, and remove numbers and punctuation marks from the begging. This ensures that everyone's items flow together well when viewed together.

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Getting updates

You can receive weekly/monthly emails telling you when the people you follow have added or completed items in their bucketlists. You'll find this option when you edit your Profile.

If you're familiar with RSS, you'll find several ways to subscribe to Bucketlist feeds. We have separate feeds for:

The RSS feed icon looks like this: Feed Icon 14x14

Not sure what RSS is but ready to learn? It's easy. Here's a great intro video and here's a starter tutorial.

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Printing your bucketlist

Want to print a copy of your bucketlist to hang on the fridge? Look for the "Print" button at the bottom of your "My List" page.

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Naughty bits (posting policy)


It's simple: No porn, no mean-spirited stuff, no trying to use Bucketlist as a platform to promote your business. Don't post anything you wouldn't want your mother to see. Users are encouraged to "Flag" inappropriate items or comments. We won't hesitate to remove users who don't play in the spirit of the site.

To put it another way: If you post mean things, dangerous things, or anything that even vaguely looks like spam, we'll delete your account and everything you've posted so far. Just like that, no questions asked.

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Changing your password

You can change your password by clicking the link at the bottom of your profile editing page. Or just click this button:

Change my password

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Can I have a private bucketlist?

Bucketlist is a social network, and we don't think it makes sense to put private lists on a site that's all about sharing goals and stories with others. Posting your goals in public is the whole point of this site! If you want a private bucketlist, we recommend that you create one in a text file on your desktop.

However, if you do feel a strong need to dissociate your real name from your bucketlist, go to your Account Settings page and uncheck the "Use my real name" box. If you do that, we'll display your username instead of your first and/or or last name, which effectively makes you anonymous.

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Can I delete my bucketlist?

Some people want to delete their account because they're for some reason surprised to see their real name on the site. If this pertains to you, remember you can simply disable the showing of your real name in your Profile Editor. If you do that, only your username will be displayed. Probably a much better option than throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

If you still feel the need to delete your list, there's no need to write us about it - just do it! You'll find the Delete Account button in your Profile Editor, or just cick here.

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About us / contact

Bucketlist is maintained by Scot Hacker, who lives a double life as webmaster of the Knight Digital Media Center at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Hacker also runs Birdhouse Web and Mail Hosting, and posts regularly to scot hacker's foobar blog.

Got questions not answered in the FAQ? Comments? Contact us!

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Developers / API

Want to embed a bucketlist on your own site, using your programming language of choice? Create an embeddable Bucketlist widget? Please do! The Bucketlist API is currently read-only, but provides enough data and meta-data to get the job done. We've even included a fully functional example using JQuery.

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