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    Bucketlist is the best, free tool for tracking your life goals, and we're always getting better. There are currently 2,378,043 goals tracked on bucketlist and 141,318 members. Sign-up free and achieve your life goals today.

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    With Bucketlist you can explore thousands of great ideas. We want to inspire you! With Bucketlist it's easy to add new goals to your list or create new ideas. We have hundreds of categories and 2,378,043 great ideas to choose from - see a few of the popular ideas here.

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    There are 355,718 completed goals and many have success stories you can use for inspiration and planning. See how one member climbed Kilimanjaro on his honeymoon.

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    Life's great achievements are best shared with friends and family. With Bucketlist you can easily share ideas and completed goals through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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    As long as you have an internet connection you can access your goals anywhere. We are currently working on building a mobile version of the site so you can take Bucketlist with you anywhere.