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Complete a pole performance
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Added on June 21, 2011

Completed on July 30, 2011

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This year I'm entering UKAPP (UK Amateur Pole Performer), which is the biggest national pole competition for amateurs in the country. Now I've never performed a routine outside my dance class, and certainly never for more than about 4 people, so this is going to be huge! The photo is me signing the application form to enter; keep your fingers crossed for me!

~~ UPDATE - 2nd August 2011 ~~
I did it!!! It was challenging, the heat was only just bearable and I was a little nervous, but I managed to perform! I didn't win, but what matters is that I competed, which is more than most people will do :D
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Newwordsforolddesires on Dec 30, 2012

This is on my list too! Congrats!

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