Camp in the Everglades

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       I've done this twice now and had a really good time (for the most part).  The first time I went with my Dad and we were completely unprepared.  The mosquitos out there are horrific.  Think about the worst, thickest, blackest cloud of misquitos you can imagine and triple it.  Mistakes I made the first time?  Camping near a swampy area, not bringing adequate forms of bug repellent, not getting a malaria shot first (hah!  I kid).  I would suggest to anyone camping by the ocean if you camp at the tip, or camping anywhere at the other camp about halfway into the park.  The second time I camped at the first campsite you come too, and it was imensely better.  Time of year is also a huge factor.  However, if you can get past the biting insects sucking the life out of you it's pretty enjoyable.  I 'think' you can even rent house boats there?  If I go again I will probably do this.



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