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Added on July 15, 2011

Play Chicken With a Train and Lose

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Really stupid I know, but why not live a little ?


Rachel on Jul 17, 2011

And lose? Does that not mean you get hit by the train. It kind of ruins the idea "live a little" lol

Lauren Smith on Jul 17, 2011

I believe (and don't hold me to this, I've never played before) that winning involves getting the train/car to stop. Losing means you lose your nerve and jump out of the way.

Rachel on Jul 18, 2011

ah right cool :)

Simon on Jul 18, 2011

Just to be safe you should give your log in to a trusted friend so they can update us when you complete this

TheFairyQueen on Jul 18, 2011

...try something else :)

Oseas Martinez on Aug 03, 2011

Awesome! She doesn't mean killing herself, just pushing re envelope. Sounds exciting!

P Jen on Aug 24, 2011

That's just plain stupid!

Vicky Grantham on Sep 13, 2011

I thought lose meant.. well... die. Some re-wording perhaps??

Albin M on Oct 21, 2011

no it makes sense guys :P
the game of "playing chicken" is about who chickens out first, or gives in.

Losing in this case is "giving in" to the train and getting out of the way :P

Mike Diamond on Oct 23, 2011

better put that down as last thing on the list just in case you lose lose :P

jennhv7 on May 17, 2012

Ok time for her to have a psych eval

Janaii Davis on Jul 30, 2013

Um... Isn't that like SUICIDE!? I guess that means you completed your bucket's list, eh?!

ZombieGirl on Jul 30, 2013

Who the hell flagged this for attention? Really whoever did get over yourself. Just because you don't like someone elses goal or think it's stupid doesn't mean you need to report it. So if she wants to do this let her do it....its not like she is forcing you to do it or making you add it onto your list.....fucking people these days

CanyonWild on Jul 30, 2013

Okay people, how about using google first before placing a comment? 'Chicken' is a game. It is about who gives up first. The one who gives up first is the chicken. For example: Two cars, they are coming straight towards each other. The car who turns away first to avoid the crash is the chicken, which means YOU LOSE. So if you play chicken with a train and want to lose, that means you step off the train track and not want to get it by the train. If you do get hit by the train, you won... So what ZombieGirl already said, the one who flagged this for attention needs to do a little research (which takes less than seconds) before flagging something.

Emil Classon on Aug 03, 2013

Very exciting and stupid idea!

CanyonWild on Aug 03, 2013

Why Stupid?

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