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Visit Elvis' birthplace

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This house was built in 1934 by Vernon, Vester and their father, Jesse Presley. Vernon Presley borrowed $180.00 from Mr. Orville Bean, the man he worked for in a dairy at that time. Vernon was very proud of the fact that he built the interior door all by himself. The hammer they used is in the museum.

On January 8, 1935, Gladys Presley gave birth to twin boys in this room. Jesse Garon was stillborn. The other twin was named Elvis Aaron Presley.

Work was hard to find. When Elvis was about two and a half years old, Vernon lost the house for lack of payment. At that time the family moved next door to live with Vernon’s parents, Minnie and Jesse.

306 Elvis Presley Drive · Tupelo, MS 38801

9-5 M-S $5 house only $12 house/museum

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Visit Tupelo, MS (Elvis' Birthplace)

vikkie ridley  August 1, 2006

With my Mum and Sister, on the way to Florida after leaving Memphis!

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