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See the Mona Lisa

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Added on February 17, 2012

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See the Mona Lisa

Angel  April 5, 2000

The most noteworthy thing about the experience?  If you step back from the crowd of people trying to see/photograph the Mona Lisa and look around you realize you're in a room full of beautiful paintings- and almost no one realizes it or looks at them.

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Visit 'The Louvre' and see the 'Mona Lisa'

Lindsay Lowe  June 5, 2007

Not allowed to photograph inside but saw the Mona Lisa!  Much smaller than I had imagined!  

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See The Mona Lisa

Rob  January 2, 2013

Out of all the places we took in while in Paris, the ONLY thing i didn't get to do was visit the Lourve and See the Mona Lisa. We were too late on our first day there and the mueseum was closing and it was SHUT on our second day. Typical.

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Go to the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa

Yvonne  February 15, 2011

It was such a cool place and so big that I didn't get to see half of it.  The only thing about the Mona Lisa is that it was packed.  There were lots of quieter areas.  I liked the sculpture section a lot.  It was worth a visit and I will go back if I ever get the chance.

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See the Mona Lisa

Basil  February 25, 2013

Visit paris and go into the louvre

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