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Dive a Shipwreck

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Dive a Shipwreck

Jimmy Doyle  February 19, 2012

Preferably in the tropics with cool fish and sharks, but an old WWII ship or sub would be cool too.

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Dive in a shipwreck

Tristyn Kemp  August 25, 2012


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SCUBA Dive a Shipwreck

AJ  August 5, 2013

Did a dive on my first wreck, the fishing trawler Mandy Ray.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/91320349@N05/9453952089/ Sunk as an artifical reef in 1998, this 126ft long ship is in about 85 feet of water and still intact for the most part. Explored the pilot house, but the visibility was too lo...

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Scuba dive a shipwreck

Willem van der Merwe  July 21, 2011

I dived a number of wrecks during my scuba adventures, and they are always interesting. I make a point of learning something about each wreck that I dive - it adds a lot of excitement to such a dive. For bucket list purposes I have chosen a wreck I dived during a trip to the Egyptian Red Sea in J...

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Dive a shipwreck

Maren Christensen  March 29, 2011

the Rhone. BVI October 2010   amazing. sea turtles, lobsters, rays, and perfect visibility

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