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Watch a sunset on a beach

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I have watched many before but my favorite one was with my boyfriend  on our beach trip 


Added on April 15, 2012

Completed on April 15, 2012

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Watch the sunset on a beach

Chalkboard Kenya Ltd  January 13, 2014

Watch as the sun sets and rises over Lake Victoria and bask in the rewarding glow that you are in Kenya!

Experience B.E.A.Utiful!

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Watch a sunset on the beach

Juliana  November 29, 2012

Where I live the ocean is on the East so you can't see the sun going down on the beach.   I saw this kind of sunset in the West Coast, USA.

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Sit on the beach and watch a sunset

Beate Schusta  October 15, 2012

Did that a lot of times, but it's always as beautiful as it was the very first time. My first sunset on the beach is special, though, because I have so many positive memories linked with it. It's nothing special, just happy times with my family. The simplest moments are sometimes the most amazing...

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Watch the Sunset on a beach!

EvieRose  January 24, 2012

Did this in Corfu! Magical!

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Watch the sunset on a beach

Abby  March 31, 2013


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