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Added on September 7, 2012

Due Date: October 25, 2084


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Categories: Festival


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meggie stevenson on Dec 31, 2012

Go to La Tomatina in Italy. That's a huge festival of tomato battling for a few hours. Sounds like a laugh and I've got it on my list! x

GuttersnipeRebecca on Dec 31, 2012

'La Tomatina' is on my list. But it is actually held in Buñol, Spain. My brother and I want to go to Spain to hike the El Camino del Rey while we're there we figured we knocked out either running with the bulls which is in July or La Tomatina which is at the end of August. Were going for running with the a few years. I've got this on my list because there's a few local tomato battles I can make it to in the meantime

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