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See a Monster Truck Rally

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Ive seen many Monster truck shows but I guess thats what you get for being from Montana =P They are really loud so bring eye plugs if you cant stand the noise 


Added on April 27, 2012

Completed on July 3, 1998

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See a Monster Truck Rally

Skittlesnhugs  March 9, 2007

I can thank my daughter for this one because this is one experience that I probably wouldn't have wished for myself but glad that I can mark it off my bucket list as DONE!!! My daughter wanted to go to the Monster Truck Show for her birthday party.... she wanted TinkerBell and Monster Trucks.... ...

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See a Monster Truck Rally

Marissa Amanda  February 2, 2013

Went on February 2nd 2013 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida We were in row H which was the second row!! Amazing time :)

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See a Monster Truck Rally

Rachel  January 10, 2011

Holy Moly!!! This was amazing!!! It was deafening loud and scary and adrenline rush and, and, and... Wow!!! I saw a race  truck flip and a monster truck flip! Talk about scary!!! Oh, Oh!! My favorite part... aside from feeling the rumble through my body... was the racing. Two monster trucks ...

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