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Get a Laptop

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Added on May 2, 2012

Completed on May 19, 2013


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Get a laptop

Sophie Ayala  June 28, 2013

ive always wanted a laptop and i really need one i just dont have the money so ya thats why its on my bucket list

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Get a new laptop for college

Humaerah Dini  February 21, 2014

AS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!!!!!!!! 10<x<12 inch in size girly-colored good specifications cute handy bag

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Get a laptop

Helen Conway  November 4, 2010

Had one bought for me :)

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Get a decent laptop

ZombieGirl  November 4, 2012

Even though it is a lousy Windows vista it has gotten me thorugh 3 years of multiple viruses and almost daily constant has held up very good. Since I am staring photography school though I need a better computer.

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Sell old computer and monitor to get a new laptop with harddrives and big attachable monitor

peter lee  January 5, 2014

old computer to slow to do much anymore

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