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Become a Body Piercer

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ZombieGirl on May 04, 2012

How did you pierce someones finger!? I've always wanted to be a body piercer =) Your lucky

Jodie Bear on May 05, 2012

haha was ace and i'm a tattoo apprentice but in the meantime they taught me how to pierce also :) trained by real jedis they been doing it for over 15 years, and piercing fingers is a easy ish haha ill see if i can get some of my more mental and chilled photos of piercings on here :)

ZombieGirl on May 05, 2012

I would love to see them! =)

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Become a tattoo artist/body piercer

Efrain Perez  April 11, 2011

become both and open up my own shop. But i'd have to become an aprentice and learn "the ways". (in my mind i see it like being a jedi jk)  

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