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Have a family reunion

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Added on May 4, 2012

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Have an annual family reunion

Renée Higgins  August 8, 2009

We started having family reunions at a cottage on the Thousand Islands and it became a yearly tradition for us.  Eventually, we moved from a river-front cottage to an island and cottage.  We have such a great time playing Bocce and having Euchre tournaments on our private island!  

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Have a family reunion

WittySarcasm  March 3, 2012

Not sure if I want to do this, because there are some family members I probably never want to see again...

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Have a Family Reunion (Me, all 6 of my siblings, and my dad in one room)

Hawo Dirie  November 27, 2012

I live with my dad, and my big brother. One of my sisters lives 10 minutes away from us. However, my other 2 brothers live in Canada and my other 2 sisters live in the UK. I haven't seen one my sisters since I was 2 (I don't remember her at all) and the other one since I was 6. The two brothers i...

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