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Record an album

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Added on May 2, 2012

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Write and record an album

Dylbat Demonhunter  December 30, 2012

Write and record at least 12 songs.

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Record an album

Ivan DeLeon  January 16, 2011

Record a professional album and become famous!

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Record an album

Andrew Walker  March 11, 2011

Write and record my own album. Must contain at least 14 songs and be at least 30 minutes long.

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Record An Album

Red Robbins  June 7, 2012

Completely acoustic with a cover of Andrew Jackson Jihad's "People II: The Reckoning"

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Record an Album

Hanne  July 18, 2013

I love songwriting and I love music in general. I want to be able to share something I've created with the world. This is a goal for my whole band.

Experience This was such an amazing experience! My band is truly the best group of people in the world, and I wouldn't trade their friendship for anything. I can't believe we stuck to it, and wrote an album in one year!! It was totally insane! The record release party/gig was a event I will never forget. I ...

Tips/Recommendation If you're going to do this, get the word out there! My band was so fortunate to have the support of such a wide range of people. We got into the recording studio for sooo cheap with the help of some really amazing musicians and found there is always somebody willing to help out. Play as many gigs...

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