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Record an album

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Added on May 2, 2012

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Record An Album

Red Robbins  June 7, 2012

Completely acoustic with a cover of Andrew Jackson Jihad's "People II: The Reckoning"

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Record An Album/Tour

Brie Bommarito  June 11, 2012

Singing has always been something that I absolutely adore doing! I've been singing since I could talk and as I got older really wanted to make it into a career. I want to write music with a positive message that all ages can relate to which is extremely uncommon in today's music

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Record and album

Leonie Sta  February 12, 2013

record an album

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Write, record and release at least twelve songs by myself to create my own self-produced album

Hannah Raye  April 7, 2012

I <3 to sing, and I want others to hear my voice.

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Record an album of my acoustic rap

Emily Fisher  June 23, 2012

One of my favourite things to do on guitar is to cover extremely dirty rap songs in a lullaby-acoustic way. I would like to finish writing the ones that I already have, write a few more, and record them onto an album.  

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