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Shark Cage Diving

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Added on May 3, 2012

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Shark Cage Diving

Nathanial Brown  July 6, 2012

The ocean’s most feared predator – the Great White Shark. So it sounds like a brilliant idea then to submerge yourself in the ocean in a cage, with these evil killer fish swimming all around you? Definitely an experience you need to have once in your lifetime.

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Diving in a Shark Cage

Anthony Pepe  August 29, 2012

I've always has an affinity for sharks, and want to get into the open ocean, in a cage, with these majestic creatures.

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Shark cage diving

Kaitlin Yent  December 8, 2012

Go cage diving with sharks

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Go Cage Diving with Sharks in South Africa

Linda P  September 15, 2012

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Scuba Dive/shark cage diving

aly bernard  January 4, 2013

I have been diving before but an istructor held on to me the whole time and I would like to get certified and go deep down. I have always thought it would be really cool. My family and I are about to move to cape town and apparently there is shark cage diving and my dad and I really want to go, i...

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