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Added on May 6, 2012

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Knit a Hat

Lauren Watson  July 27, 2012

I have already learned to make a scarf, but I would like to try something new for once. Scarves are getting boring.

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Hand knit boyfriend a scarf or hat

lily pearl  September 8, 2013

make sure he's the one before you do this. it takes a LONG time!!

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Knit myself a bobble hat

bluenwild  January 2, 2014

Last season, I had a perfect white bobble hat. Unfortunately, I lost it and this year I couldn't find a similar one just as perfect as the one I had. I guess I have to knit my perfect bobble hat myself now. I found a suiting tutorial online already, now I just need the time and wool to do it. :)

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Knit and donate 100 hats to the homeless

Faron Coggins  February 5, 2013


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Knit a Hat

elfen  November 22, 2012

After I finished my first pair of socks, I've started knitting a hat out of my left over yearn. It's a little hard to control and I've started over like 5 times, but I think I've got the hold of it now. I'm hoping to finish it before Christmas, so I can be a part of a Christmas present for my boy...

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