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Added on May 6, 2012

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Move out of New England

Melanie Hoffman  April 9, 2013

Preferably, California, Arizona, Texas, or North Carolina... but anywhere warmer will do.

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Move out on my own

Meghan Monroe  May 8, 2013

Getting that college degree I'm working on will help me get a better job.  That better job will allow me to move out!

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Move out of Mattoon

kbumpus  April 12, 2011

I was born in Charleston, IL and lived there until I was 5.  Then my family moved a whole 10 miles away to Mattoon where I lived until I was 28.

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Move Out

Niamh Cork  May 27, 2013

Some day...

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Hook up my new NERDY 1990's frog bell on my bike! yay LOL- Jealous---I BET, Triiiin triiiin ::move out my path other bikes::: triiin

Mayalexis  April 24, 2011

im so jealous of ur cool bell!! Goal completed on easter 4/24/11....we set up our bells (Maya bought me a ladybug bell) and we put air in our bike tires...then came back home and ate icecream instead of riding our bikes...LLAZZyyy (We ate icecream at Clove lake park in the rain...no we didnt do i...

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