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Added on May 7, 2012

Attend Fright Dome at Circus Circus for Halloween

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Ranked one of the top 5 scariest attraction in the nation! 




amber on Jan 17, 2013

My husband and I did this. We didnt find it that scary. Mostly a bunch of rude teenagers when we went. Maybe it got better though. That was a while back. I want to do a hospital in Ohio. If you get to the top they give you 100 dollars. I forget what its called but my husband attempted it before.

amber on Jan 17, 2013

Maybe he just mentioned it. I tryed to find it and they are saying its a urban legend :(

ZombieGirl on Jan 18, 2013

I was afraid something like that might happen.I don't remember ever being as rude as most teenagers are these days. I love Halloween so I want to try as many major Halloween attractions as I can. =D I'm not sure where but they turned a Mental Hospital into a haunted house for Halloween,or so that is what I have heard. I think it is in Pennsylvania.

amber on Jan 18, 2013

I would love it if they did a 21 and over night at these kind of things. The teenagers ruin everything today by mocking the characters and making it less fum for adults. I guess when they arent paying to get in they dont mind. We on the other hand want to have the experience. The best experience we have had was Bush Gardens for halloween. They did some great costumes and I was scared more then once. I saw people runnning into the vending shops lmao

ZombieGirl on Jan 18, 2013

I really wish they would to. Have 1 or 2 days a week for people 21 and over during Halloween time. Last Halloween we were waiting in line and a huge group of teenagers behind us were being really loud and obnoxious. One of them bumped into me so hard it almost knocked me on my ass and they didn't even say sorry. My boyfriend turned around and laid it on them. They just looked at us shock/terrified that we said something to them ,but said some rude cocky remark back and kept giving us dirty looks the rest of the night like we were the rude ones. What they needed as kids was a good firm smack on the ass! Thanks for the suggestion on Busch Gardens! Which one did you go to?

amber on Jan 18, 2013

found something by accident...ruby falls haunted cavern.

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