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Walk on a frozen lake

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Added on May 13, 2012

Completed on May 13, 2012


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Walk on a Frozen Lake

Melanie Leland  December 28, 2012

It has to be VERY frozen :p

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Walking on and making snow angels on a frozen lake

cassie gibson  January 16, 2014

I stood on my first frozen lake with Mikey this year, on Mallard Lake next to Creve Coeur Lake, didn't cross it but I got to walk on it and make snow angels!! This was important ot me because ever since I saw the movie Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless mind I have wanted to stand on a frozen lake...

Experience A freaking blast, had people worried but I had some faith in walking on the lake, and really enjoyed it! Super fun

Tips/Recommendation I would just recommend waiting to walk on a lake till it has been frozen for a few days, also test the lake by throwing a rock on it.

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Walk on a frozen lake or pond

James Lammas  January 15, 2012

Skipped the day off school got a bus from Kiddiminster to Bromsgrove was a very snowy day saw the pond in sanders park was frozen so ran into the middle and stayed there for about 10 - 20 mins.

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Walk on a frozen lake

Ash S  January 31, 2013  

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Walk on a frozen lake

Rachelle Stark  October 28, 2012

One time the lake also had thousands of ice pieces on it. Everywhere I looked it was white and full of snow. Definitely one of the best winter expieriences.

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