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Write a list of songs that I want to be played at my funeral

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So far i have...

See you on the other side-Ozzy

Gone Away-offspring

So Far away-Avenged Sevenfold

Highway to hell- AC/DC



Added on May 17, 2012

Not completed


GuttersnipeRebecca on Nov 07, 2012

Lol I am such a planner I wouldn't be surprised if (I live to be old ;) Make a damn good bye video as well (created over years, been meaning to start one and have it show me age through my life)~ should put it on my list

Caitlin Snellen on Nov 07, 2012

Love So Far Away...<3

ZombieGirl on Nov 07, 2012

I am the same way Guttersnipe! I will probably have my funeral video already made by the time I hopefully kick the bucket.

flux on Nov 09, 2012

I think that can be changed with the times. But it's cool :)

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Write a list of songs that I want to be played at my funeral

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