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Paddle the Broken Group Islands, Canada

From ZombieGirl's bucketlist

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Added on June 8, 2013


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Ross Dolan on Sep 12, 2013

The West Coast of Canada at its rugged best. The scenery is unique to BC... sea caves and arches, cliffs, arbutus, and unexpectedly sandy beaches reaching out to crystal clear waters. Some of the hardy inhabitants we encountered included seals, sea lions, humpback whales, eagles, and on one island, a wolf pack!

Skills: The best part about this trip is that you don't need to be an advanced paddler to be safe and confident. I had never sat in a kayak when I set off from the mainland, but the first island is only a kilometre away, so you basically just paddle that sucker like it's stolen across the unprotected channel, until you reach the sheltered waters of the inner islands. From there, you can meander through calm, shallow waters, work on your skills and confidence, and then make your way into the windier, rougher outer islands where the real action is.

My advice is to pick a campsite on the outer islands. They are both prettier and quieter, and the entire group is small enough that you can day trip to any part of it, without having to pick up and move camp. 4 days seemed to be about right, to see all the sights and return feeling like you just experienced something truly rare and wonderful.

ZombieGirl on Sep 12, 2013

Thanks for all the advice! =D

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