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Draw my own mandala

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It interested me today how supposedy easy it is to draw your own mandala - that is, with a template. I'd like to try drawing it without one. I'm not really artistically inclined, the most I do are some handmade cards, birthday or holiday ones, but I rarely make those...even though some have said they look really good, which kind of encourages me to try a mandala. I have problems with symmetry though, so that's gonna be a challenge and may take maaany many days :P


I did one recently, had some problems with how to colour it exactly, but I think it turned out fine :) I also did one before, but it was more of a draft, on a little piece of paper; I started not really intending to finish it, just to take my mind off studying for a minute and ended up finishing it after all. But I didn't colour it, so only the second one I can call REALLY finished. Gave it to Mom for her name day.

Here it is, partly still a sketch

And here is the finished and scanned image. Unfortunately my scanner turned the light greenish-yellow colour on the outskirts of the mandala into plain yellow :P

Added on June 25, 2013

Completed on February 6, 2014

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Laura on Sep 02, 2013

Very nice - good job!

Dominika R on Sep 12, 2013

Thanks :)

bluenwild on Sep 12, 2013


Dominika R on Sep 14, 2013

Yay, thank you! :D

Han Zhang on Sep 14, 2013

looks awesome :D

Marionsbucket on Dec 12, 2013

It's beautiful, don't know where you are located but CJ Shelton of Dancing Moon Designs in Alton, Ontario, teaches a wonderful workshop on mandala creation.

Dominika R on Dec 15, 2013

Thanks, both of you :) Located? Definitely not in Ontario, it would be a long way from Poland :D

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Draw my own mandala

Lucy Ray  February 12, 2014

Not that good but it was cool!  

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