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Visit Bellas Artes-México

Added on September 14, 2013

Due Date: September 23, 2013

Completed on September 14, 2013


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Mexico's Bellas Artes Palace is one of the greates places you can visit while you're in the city. It has awesome artistic displays, and huge murals painted by really famous characters such as Diego Rivera, Siqueiros and Tamayo. The funniest part of my tour was the moment when I entered to the gorgeous theatre and the guide began making questions about the place, I answered correctly so I won a beautiful poster of one of the sculptures that is shown at the entrance of the Palace. 

Tips / Recommendations

1. Visit the Palace early in the day so you can catch the tour with incredible explanations. 

2. Bring with you an official ID (students) so you can have the "Student's descount".

3. Enjoy as much as you possibly can.


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