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Go to college

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Added on November 21, 2010

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Sinthu Muruka on May 02, 2012

Good luck to you!!:))

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Go To College

ileana Magana  April 8, 2011

I want to go to college because i want to be bigger than everyone of my family memebers have ever been and i want my parents to finally be happy for something i do because right now i can do so much and they dont even care so i pretty much do things for my own good and i dotn care if they accept ...

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Go to college for photography

Halley Mitchell  April 14, 2013

and graduate

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Go to college

Aoife Callaghan  January 23, 2013

This is one of the main goals i want to complete. I'm working hard in school in hopes that i get enough points of a level 8 or level 7 course. I hope to be able to study Law or English or something that involves English. Or psychology.... I want to go far in life and i know i need college so...

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Go to college

Claudia Monica  May 20, 2013

This may be one of the most important things to experience in our lifes. Going to college is one of the experiences that marks you , the way we see it, college is the good version of its evil twin "High School" . :)

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Go back to college and finish my Bachelors Degree

Nicki Streb  January 23, 2013

You need a degree to get just about any job these days.  It doesn't matter your experience or references.  Someone with a degree will get chosen over you.  I have no idea what I'd major in, but I know that staying and working from home will not give me any brownie points.

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