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Partnering with Bucket List

The bucket list community is a collection of amazing individuals who have identified tasks, activities and goals they would like to achieve in their life. The community is open minded, supportive and highly motivated to complete things on their lists. Currently a significant portion of the global population have some sort of bucket list already written down or in their head. The concept is as old as mankind and our community website caters to this. A significant percentage of the tasks on most peoples bucket lists are product and/or service oriented.

Our community is:

  • Rapidly growing
  • Highly engaged
  • Global, with concentrations in North America and Europe
  • Segmentable

If you are looking for a unique way to expose your brand to a one of a kind community, we can help. We can develop beneficial programs for the right brands. From features, contests, branded promotions, sponsorship, contesting and more...

If you are interested in seeing how we can work together please contact us using the form below: