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About Us: Leadership Team

Our story is a funny one; or at least we think so. One of the current owners, Jason Lindstrom, was at the Sasquatch Music Festival, enjoying some good music and ice cold beer. While at the festival, Jason was asking some of his friends what they wanted to achieve in life, what was on their "to-do" list? The conversation was revealing, it turned out that most people had great, ambitious, silly and fun life goals, and yet, no one was tracking their lists.

A few months later Jason Lindstrom and his long term friend and business partner Bart Wisniowski had acquired the website which is one of the global leaders in helping people track and achieve their life goals. What you see today is a rapidly evolving product with new features being released all the time.

At Bucketlist our goal is to help more than 30 million people live passionate and fulfilled lives.

About the Leadership Team

Jason Lindstrom

Jason Lindstrom is an entrepreneur with two successful start-ups under his belt. After struggling with a 'normal' career Jason quickly realized he wasn't cut out for regular employment. He decided it would be best to forge his own entrepreneurial path with one of his good university friends Bart (see below). represent everything Jason is passionate about; it's about enabling people to live their dreams, laughing lots, making mistakes and occassioanally doing something sensational. It's also about finding inspiration in others.

View Jason's bucketlist here or connect with him on LinkedIn here

Bart Wisniowski

Originally hailing from Europe, Bart came to North America in 1987 as a young boy and some would say he probably had a bucketlist in his crib when he was born. He quickly got around to learning English and decided to live the American dream. With opportunity abound he got a job delivering papers, went to school and eventually wrapped up a basic 4 year university degree in about 6.5 years. There was just too much stuff for Bart to see and do to rush anything.

Bart met Jason (see above) working a groundskeeping position, we pulled weeds for 8 hours a day and had a lot of time on our hands to talk, and decided to go into business together. With a few successful businesses under our belt we came across the bucket list concept and fell in love with it. Seriously, what's more awesome than this!!!! Inspired by people like Richard Branson, friends doing cool stuff with their lives, and inspirational individuals in all areas of life, became a huge focus in my life.

I hope this site gives people the opportunity to do the things they never thought they thought possible and bring more joy in this world.

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facebook: bart.wisniowski
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