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Read 50 different horror books

Horror is my favorite genre to read =D 

  1. Monster Island By David Wellington
  2. Monster Planet By David Wellington 
  3. Warm Bodies By Issac Marion 
  4. World War Z By Max Brooks 
  5. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies By Seth Grahame-Smith 
  6. Feed By Mira Grant 
  7. Day by Day Armageddon By L.J. Bourne 
  8. Spooky Oregon:Tales of Hauntings,Strange Happenings ,and other Local Lore Retold By S.E. Schlosser 
  9. The Zombie Survival Guide By Max Brooks 
  10. Deadline By Mira Grant 
  11. The House that Death Built By John Llewellyn Probert 
  12. The Haunted Looking Glass By Edward Gorey 
  13. The Outlaw Album By Daniel Woodrell 
  14. The Reapers are the Angels By Alden Bell
  15. Blackout By Mira Grant 
  16. Patient Zero By Jonathan Maberry 
  17. The Forest of Hands and Teeth By Carrie Ryan 
  18. The Amityville Horror By Jay Anson 
  19. Dead of Night By Jonathan Maberry 
  20. The Living Dead-Short stories by various authors 
  21. Pines By Blake Crouch 
  22. Wayward By Blake Crouch 
  23. The Last Town By Blake Crouch
  24. Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead: Invasion  By Jay Bonansinga
  25. Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead: Descent By Jay Bonansinga 
  26. Horns By Joe Hill
  27. Heart Shaped Box By Joe Hill 
  28. Something Wicked This Way Comes By Ray Bradbury 

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Move in with my partner

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Move in with my partner

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Celebrate the National Days of June

  1. *National Go Barefoot Day- I went barefoot all day expect early in the morning when I took my son on a walk in the woods. Yes those are my feet, I handle pain like a boss! =P 
  2. *National Rocky Road Day- I improvised and got a Rocky Road candy bar, it was so gross! I took one bite and threw the rest away. 
  3. National Egg Day- Made hash browns and eggs for breakfast for my son and I 
  4. National Cheese Day- I made mac n cheese for my son and I for lunch 
  5. National Gingerbread Day- I couldn't find gingerbread anywhere.....I really don't know why this one isnt in December 
  6. National Eyewear Day- I don't wear glasses, so I just wore sunglasses today
  7. National Chocolate Ice Cream Day- I had a fudgesicle 
  8. *National Best Friends Day- This may sound cheesy, but my boyfriend is my best friend! We have already been together six years and have a son together. We have a connection to each other that is never going to go away. I truly think we will forever be in each others lives. Maybe not as lovers (I hope not) but always as best friends! (Photo is of us at the Grand Canyon back in 2015) 
  9. National Donald Duck Day- I couldn't find just Donald duck cartoons, so I found a Mickey Mouse movie that included Donald Duck for my son =D 
  10. National Herbs & Spices Day- I used herbs and spices all day (I usually do most days). Made a frittata for breakfast and beef macaroni for lunch 
  11. National Making Life Beautiful Day- I just tried making my sons day even better than it usually is and for myself (didn't really know what to do for this)
  12. National Peanut Butter Cookie/Loving/Children's Day- I made monster cookies and of course I loved on my son all day and spoiled him =P 
  13. National Sewing Machine Day- I just read a little about the history of sewing machines =P 
  14. *National Strawberry Shortcake Day- I got a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, they are one of my favorites! Yum! 
  15. *National Photography Day- I took a few different photos, one of them was of yellow flowers that grow right outside my bedroom. 
  16. *National Fudge Day- I had a fudge dipped coconut granola bar 
  17. National Eat Your Vegetables Day- I eat veggies everyday, so this wasn't very hard haha 
  18. National Splurge Day- I didn't really splurge that much today, I had ice cream and a 6 pack of Hefe beer to myself though =P 
  19. National Martini Day- I was so hung over from yesterday I didn't want to think about alcohol, so I learned the history of the Martini instead 
  20. National Bald Eagle Day- Tried looking for one but couldn't, they aren't that hard to spot in Oregon. I usually see several a year.
  21. *National Selfie Day- I don't take Selfies often, maybe a few a month. I played around on instragram for the photo.yes I am a natural redhead ;) 
  22. *National Onion Rings Day- I decided to improvise and get funyuns =p 
  23. National Pink Day-
  24. National Pralines Day-
  25. National Catfish Day-
  26. National Chocolate Pudding Day-
  27. National Sunglasses Day-
  28. National Paul Bunyan Day-
  29. National Camera Day-
  30. National Meteor Watch Day-


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Tips for Great weekend trip

California, United States

End of the week getaways are an ideal route for a bustling business person to get some rest and unwinding without negatively affecting business. On the off chance that you as of now work a little household venture, particularly one that is a one-individual operation, you're presumably very much mindful that it is difficult to take a three day weekend, not to mention plan an augmented excursion. Truth be told, you may have been utilizing some of these reasons to abstain from requiring significant investment off:

You may lose business to your rivals while you're away.

You're quite recently too occupied to possibly be away more than a couple days on end.

There's nobody to fill in for you in your nonappearance.

You're not getting paid when you're not working so a long excursion would bring about a budgetary misfortune.

Benefitting as much as possible from Your Weekend Getaways:-

I've found some approaches to benefit as much as possible from these end of the week getaways. Here are Tips to help you have an awesome getaway:

Plan A Head :-

On the off chance that you arrange your Weekend Trip from los angeles or end of the week getaways early you'll show signs of improvement arrangements on travel and cabin. You'll likewise have the capacity to plan your time ahead of time so you can get made up for lost time before you take off. I realize that I'm far less inclined to retreat from a family getaway in the event that I as of now have tickets, reservations, and so forth. Particularly on the off chance that I get punished for dropping or rescheduling.

Stop a Little Early the Day Before :-

In the event that you take after Tip 1 and plan your weekday or end of the week getaways early, you ought to likewise have the capacity to enable yourself to stop early the day preceding your getaway, regardless of the possibility that it's just a hour or two.

Appreciate Dining and Drinking Out :-

While I don't take my significant other out to eat as much as I'd get a kick out of the chance to when we're at home, I do jump at the chance to exploit an end of the week getaway by investigating new eateries or Coffee shops in pasadena . Regardless of whether it's a reasonable breakfast at a nearby chain or a pleasant calm night in a quality eatery with a container of wine, feasting out while on an end of the week getaway can support closeness with your accomplice or some very time together with your family.

Take into account Some Pampering :-

You've earned your time off. You're not taking the time or bringing about the cost of a broadened excursion - is there some way you can treat yourself, your accomplice, or your family amid your end of the week getaway?

In the wake of booking a lodging space for a current end of the week getaway I found the room didn't have a cooler just before we cleared out on our outing. On our most recent couple of end of the week getaways we've generally had a fridge and a microwave in the room.

For more info:- Top Tourist Sites Washington DC


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Travel to Croatia


Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia, is a country located in Southeast Europe. With its total area, it's the 126th largest country in the world. It's bordered by Hungary to the northeast, Slovenia to the northwest, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast and Serbia to the east. Its capital and largest city is Zagreb. 

The country is inhabited by Croats since the early part of the 7th century AD. Its territory was split into the French Illyrian  Provinces, and Austria-Hungary during the 19th century. After World War II, Croatia became a federal constituent of the  Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. On June 25, 1991, the Croatian War of Independence started and lasted four years. 

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Paris, france - visit

Paris, Frankrijk

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Go to a Renaissance Faire

Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, Renaissance Lane, West Newton, PA, United States

 The man with the big hands wouldn't leave us alone until we acknowledged him. That's all I remember tbh

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Go to a cat cafe

Orlando Cat Café, Cagan Park Avenue, Clermont, FL, United States

I'm considering this the first stop on my extended Florida/Orlando roadtrip. I would've rated it higher if there had been any kittens running around too, but these were good soft cats and I would pet them again

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Watch all 10 seasons of friends

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
  • Season 5
  • Season 6
  • Season 7
  • Season 8
  • Season 9
  • Season 10