Goal update in category Travel · 4 hours, 37 minutes ago

Visit the Studio Ghibli museum and the theme park when its open in 2022

Goal update in category Entertainment · 6 hours, 1 minute ago

Finish reading over 30 Manga/Manwa/Manhua Series

So Far: 9/25

  1. Beelzubub (250 chapters)
  2. Bleach (750 chapters)
  3. Durarara!! (89 chapters)
  4. Naruto (700 chapters)
  5. Naruto Gaiden: Nanadaime Hokage to Akario no Hanatsuzuki (10 chapters)
  6. Tokyo Ghoup (144 chapters)
  7. Trigun (22 chapters)
  8. Trigun Maximum (102 chapters)

Still reading:

  1. Ao no Exorcist
  2. Berserk
  3. Durarara!! SH
  4. Gintama
  5. Kingdom
  6. Monster
  7. Mushishi
  8. Noblesse
  9. Noragami
  10. One piece
  11. One punch man
  12. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
  13. Shingeki no Kyojin
  14. Tokyo Ghoul:re
  15. Vagabond
  16. Tales of Demons and Gods
  17. Imamade Ichido mo Onnaatsukai sareta Koto ga Nai Onna Kishi wo Onnaatsukai suru Manga
  18. Tower of God
  19. Black Haze


Goal update in category Do It Yourself (DIY) · 8 hours, 11 minutes ago

Take action to reduce my carbon footprint and help raise the awareness of global warming

To reduce my carbon footprint:

  • I walk or take the bus into town rather than by car.
  • I started having meat free days everyweek.
  • I re-use plastic bags, cups/mugs, jars, shoe boxes etc
  • I always make sure lights are turned off if there is enough natural light avaliable and unplug devices when they are not used or fully charged.
  • I have switched to paperless billing.
  • I now buy more second hand clothing.
  • I wash my clothes on eco friendly settings and hang them out to dry outside when it is warm enough.

To increase awareness:

  • I did a presentation on e-waste to a room of students.
  • I petition and actively use social media to spread the message.
  • I plan on volunteering with charities such as 'keep britain clean' so I can take a more active approach.

Goal update in category Travel · 9 hours, 1 minute ago

Go to plenty of quirky coffee shops, coffee houses and coffee bars

 So Far:

  1. The Ropewalk (Barton-upon-humber, UK)
  2. Monmouth coffee (London, UK)
  3. Mrs atha’s (Leeds, UK)

Goal update in category Food · 14 hours, 2 minutes ago

Have meat-free days everyweek for at least two months

 I tried to make sure every monday was meat-free but some weeks it was tuesdays or sundays depending on sell-by- dates. However, I have enjoyed having a meatless day a week and sometimes I have two or free meatless days. I followed this movement because to reduce my carbon footprint (if I was to do this everyday I'd cut it by 1/4!) as well as for all the health benefits:



Goal update in category Food · 14 hours, 14 minutes ago

Cook steak perfectly

Goal update in category Food · 14 hours, 15 minutes ago

Cook a roast dinner on my own

Goal update in category Food · 14 hours, 19 minutes ago

Eat at a one michelin star resturant

Goal update in category Travel · 14 hours, 32 minutes ago

Taste some of the best european beers

I tasted different beers over the last few years when I went travelling as well as ordering from beer hawk which made it easier to get these rarer beers. My favourite one is a Belgium one called delirium and recommend this hidden treasure.

Goal update in category Do It Yourself (DIY) · 14 hours, 41 minutes ago

Dye my hair 3 different colours (at separate times)

I am naturally blonde so the first colour I chose was to go a lot blonder rather than dirty blonde which I loved. Then for halloween I went white, which was a big difference but I think it really suited me despite being very pale. The last colour was supposed to be red but ended up orange which was a bit of a shock but the hair dye was temporary and very cheap so I should have guessed it wouldn't go correctly. However, I used to be ginger as a child so it odly suited me and I loved it for the short time it lasted. Next time I'll buy more expensive hair dye though!