Goal update in category Outdoor · 32 minutes ago

Go skiing

Goal update in category Travel · 42 minutes ago

Go on nomadcruise's ship

Goal update in category Health · 53 minutes ago

Get lean and fit

Goal update in category Life Milestone · 2 hours ago

Finish Mom's Bucket List

  1. A trip to Ireland/Italy  
  2. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Maine in front of lake with hubby
  3. Spend the day helping someone else 
  4. Stand over glass mountain in the Rocky Mountains
  5. Have a family reunion picnic & just enjoy each other 
  6. Skydive with Ariana 
  7. Go horseback riding with Ariana & Morgan 
  8. Sit under huge oak tree all day & do nothing (preferably in Savannah)
  9. Visit California 
  10. Watch my children graduate college 
  11. Spend weekend with my sisters at a camp for moms
  12. Spend the day with just my son... doing whatever he wants to do 
  13. Visit Cuba to meet my sister & nephew
  14. Buy a two story wraparound porch house with an oak tree in front & Spanish moss hanging from it
  15. Spend 3 months traveling U.S. in a Winnebago with my family 
  16. Spend a day at a dude ranch with kids & hubby 
  17. Visit Williamsburg, Virginia





Goal update in category Entertainment · 2 hours, 32 minutes ago

Be a game show contestant

Goal update in category Entertainment · 2 hours, 33 minutes ago

Attend a murder mystery party

Goal update in category Food · 8 hours, 1 minute ago

Cook a honey cake

I want to learn to cook a honey cake like my mom.   

Goal update in category Travel · 8 hours, 4 minutes ago

Trip to Tehran

 I want to go to Tehran.

It is magical city. 

Goal update in category New Skill · 11 hours, 38 minutes ago

Learn how to fly a plane

Goal update in category Do It Yourself (DIY) · 12 hours, 47 minutes ago

Make 1000 paper cranes