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Eat at the Courtyard Restaurant

Courtyard Restaurant, George Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada

At the Courtyard Restaurant, workers have reported the sound of disembodied footsteps at night, and a woman’s apparition has been noticed peering from the second-story windows. Local lore says she is the ghost of a woman who was trapped in the building during a long-ago fire, and is still watching for her rescuer.


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Eat at Emma's Back Porch

Emma's Back Porch & Water Street Cooker, Old Lakeshore Road, Burlington, ON, Canada

Emma’s Back Porch Restaurant, haunted by a woman named Emma Byrens and her two children who lived here in 1902, is a hot spot for strange goings-on. Emma appears as a floating lady in a white dress, and sometimes witnesses also experience moving objects, voices, cold spots, orbs, and toilets that flush by themselves. The site has been featured on Creepy Canada.


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Walk the Port Perry Ghost Road

Port Perry, ON, Canada

The Ghost Road legend begins around 1968 with a young man who crashed on a motorcycle and, in some versions, was decapitated on a rusty barbed-wire fence. Now, a big round white light speeds down the road before turning into a small red light, sometimes accompanied by the sound of a motorcycle.


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Know About How Paying Taxes Are Important

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Pay off the taxes well and stay responsible


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Pay taxes and stay responsible


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Ghost hunt at Newmarket Inn

Newmarket Inn, East Gwillimbury, ON, Canada

Folks at Newmarket Inn have reported seeing apparitions of a man wearing a blue coat and hearing disembodied screams.


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Ghost hunt at Heritage Theatre

Brampton, ON, Canada

Heritage Theatre is said to be haunted by an actor who was killed in the dressing room. An apparition of the Grim Reaper, cold chills, and voices also have been reported here.

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See the Champlain Trail Museum

Champlain Trail Museum, Pembroke Street East, Pembroke, ON, Canada

The Champlain Trail Museum is said to be haunted in its pioneer log home. Rumor has it that toys move around in the children’s room, dishes move in the dining room, footsteps have been heard, and more.


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Do the Escape the Cornwall Jail Challenge

Cornwall, ON, Canada

The Jail which was in operation until 2002 runs the gamut of haunted claims. People claim to have seen full body apparitions, usually of a woman and child, hear male voices and one that hums. People also say they often hear “operational sounds” of the jail, such as carts going up the hallways or other sounds of a functioning jail. There are electrical anomalies and objects that move, doors opening and closing on their own and the prevalent sense of unease that many experience while there. There are claims that during the time of the jail’s operation, more than 200 prisoners who died or were executed at the jail were buried in the courtyard, and many believe that these account for much of the ghostly activity.


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Ghost hunt at Rock Castle

Hamilton, ON, Canada

Rock Castle, aka Rannoch Lodge, was constructed in 1848 by Alexander Carpenter of the Gurney & Carpenter foundry. Witnesses say sudden cold temperatures and unexplained voices can be felt and heard here.


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Explore Fulford Place Museum

Fulford Place Museum, King Street East, Brockville, ON, Canada

The turn-of-the-century Fulford Place Museum is the former home of George Taylor Fulford, senator and manufacturer of the famed Dr. William’s Pink Pills for Pale People. His wife Mary was a spiritualist who held séances here, and it is she who is believed to haunt the mansion today. Mary was afraid of thunder, and now during thunderstorms, witnesses have heard pounding on the main door as if something wants to be let in out of the storm.