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Saw Chris Stapleton in concert

Canandaigua, NY

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Paris, france - visit

Paris, Frankrijk

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Live in Another Country

Zhengzhou, Henan, China

I live in China!


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Buy An Adult Coloring Book

 I have been very fortunate in being given a bunch of adult coloring books so I have never really had to buy mine. The unfortunately part is that so many seem to have a really cool picture that is on the back of the book as a description that cannot be found within the actual pages.

 Anyway I ended up going to a library booksale where I came across this particular coloring book. And who can really turn down mermaids? What I love about this book is that there are two sections and each section has the same pages so if you want to color your mermaid different from the first or you mess up than you have a back-up to fall back on.

 And the mermaids are a collection of various well-known art pieces so they style is different enough to keep your attention while giving everyone a chance to find one that they may prefer over the others.

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Visit Guyana

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Achieve 300 Goals

 It's been exciting for me to start a bucketlist and although I add experiences to it that I have already done instead of just a bunch of things people think you should do plus a few of my own dreams it has been worth it. 

It makes me want to see where else my life will take me for a bunch of these things I never thought I would have done such as be married to the right guy, ride an elephant, go down into a cave where they would flip off the lights or even travel as much as I have just to name a few things. It makes me feel adventuresome and bold.

 I know that some of my goals has just been to explore myself and I am fine with that. Just thinking about all the phases I have been on with just my bucketlist reminds me that I am always growing, always changing and that it is alright for my own life to take a sometimes drastic change.

 And clearly looking over what I have done since at least April 2016 I can already say my next 30 years are already shaping up to be fun, exciting and full of life.

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Get A Job That Provides Health Insurance

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Use Reusable Grocery Bags

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Eat Carambola (Starfruit)

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Experience an Earthquake

 I have felt three different earthquakes that I know of. The first two were in VA while another was in KS.

 The first one was after 2000 but I can't remember the date nor know any information about it. There was a very vague disturbance and the sound of a train but when I asked my roommate he said there wasn't any nearby trains.

 The second was a more notable event as it was a 5.8 centered in northern VA. I was at work when we thought we heard a passenger plane above us, which is unusual in the first place, and the walls did actually shake on this one.

  The last was an earthquake that was centered in Oklahoma possibly due to some mining issue. I was waiting for the bus in the early hours when I thought I heard construction work, which looking back upon it was a weird thing at that time.

  Just from the experience of the big one in VA I don't think I would enjoy being stuck in any bigger one or even the epicenter of a small one for that matter.