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Summerwatermelon on Do the "Learn Something New Everyday for 31 Days" Challenge"
Yes siesta in all countries :)

ZombieGirl on Do the "Learn Something New Everyday for 31 Days" Challenge"
There should be a designated nap time during the day lol =)

Summerwatermelon on Do the "Learn Something New Everyday for 31 Days" Challenge"
We should sleep more then lol :)

Chelsea Smith on Grow an indoor herb garden
I did this in the summer time... Keeping herbs alive required much more attention that I anticipated but it was well worth it!

Chelsea Smith on Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Show us some pictures!

Chelsea Smith on Learn to spin poi
This looks awesome, I have no idea what a poi is but I'm super intrigued

Yvonne Munro on Deliver lunch to the homeless in DTES with kids
That is absolutely the Best Eric! Way to teach your Kids to have Compassion for another human being! - BRAVO!

ZombieGirl on Read a book of ghost stories from every state
I've only read one from where I live (Oregon), this is a cool goal!

Luke Smith on Learn to spin poi
Universities often have circus skills groups and think you don't need to be a student to join

Linda Aasestrand on Visit Thailand
Love Thailand and have been here several times before continuing somewhere else in Asia :)

Anastasiya Lozhnikova on Have 50 years practicing yoga
I like yoga and want to do it every day. Hatha-yoga, pranayama, meditation and other steps of yoga system. And I teach people all over the world and propagate knowlege about yoga and spiritual growth.

Ange Wilson on Lose 5 kgs
Official starting weight 128.7kg :(

Amanthis van Vliet on Admire labradorite countertops in my kitchen

Samuel Root on Admire labradorite countertops in my kitchen
Click on the picture to see the countertop :)

JessicaElizabeth on Try Jello Shots
Oooh, the picture of the cute slices gives me ideas!

Stacey Curelop on Family trip to Italy
We had a fantastic trip to Italy. The weather in December was a little chilly in Venice but the rest of the trip to Florence, Rome, Pisa and Genoa was great weather. Food was fantastic ...

kelia.bolton on Visit Hawaii
Done! Will continue to do as often as possible. Love Kauai!

robin.grier on See the Northern Lights
Speak to Sandra Yun @WFM about this.

robin.grier on Travel Alone
I backpacked around Europe for six months by myself. It's amazing how open you are to meeting new people and trying new things when you travel alone. Suppertime and evenings, in general, can be a ...

Falconsvs Seahawkslive on Falcons vs Seahawks live
Just Follow The Links Below.

Azar on Become master of Theta Healing meditation
search it in google !

Summerwatermelon on Travel Alone
Wonderful :)

Katja Franz on Travel Alone
No i donĀ“t think so but the movie "the beach" was filmed there :D

Zoli AzUr on Learn how to play guitar
It's one of the most enjoyable skill but you can never stop learning it. Practise, practise...

zak abed on Become master of Theta Healing meditation
what is that?

mcoqueen on Complete the Sims 3 Legacy Challenge
I had a similar problem. I've learned to save my game when things are working fine and the moment it starts to get buggy, I quit the game and don't save it. I then go ...

Amanda Miller-Galloway on Facebook: 2x 2 hours a day
Limiting the amount of time spend on Facebook in a day?

JessicaElizabeth on Complete the Sims 3 Legacy Challenge
Whenever I've played the Sims, my computer either breaks or my save gets buggy and I end up losing my sims. I've never made it further than about 5 generations :( I'll have to check ...

Felix Tavira on Bunjee jump
OMG. Lets do it together!

ZombieGirl on Make my sons smash cake for his first birthday
I know it went by so fast!! =D Thank you,I was almost more excited about making his cake than I was about him turning 1! haha =P

JessicaElizabeth on Make my sons smash cake for his first birthday
Oh my gosh, 1 already? It doesn't seem that long ago that I saw your goals of having a son ticked off :D That cake looks great by the way, I especially love the birthday ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Improve phyical activity
I have been continuing to walk to and from the station, and trying to do some stair walking. I can continue to work on improving the stair walking especially. I have not been succeeding in ...

Lee Burrows on Taste Absinthe the original way
I tried that a month ago and must say i didn't care for it much

Lee Burrows on Walk on a suspension bridge
Thanks ZG it was a good day except for the heat when we hiked out. At 36 degrees C and no wind we over heated a fair bit and had to stop to rest on ...

ZombieGirl on Walk on a suspension bridge
Sounds like a great way to spend the day!

Alice Wonderland on Hike to jonkershoek waterfalls
Thank you Buckelina! No, prob, good luck with the rest of your list!

Buckelina on Hike to jonkershoek waterfalls
This is a beautiful goal! and thank you for the comment on the water goal but i was only aiming for a week.

Mamba on Visit every country in Europe
That's awesome! Europe is so full of variety, can't wait to experience it myself! :) Lots of good luck with the goal x

roseijas . on Reach B1 Level of German

Cindy Kline on Visit an American gospel church
Me too!

Adara Gaston on Ride on the back of a motorcycle
My dad owned a motorcylce. I loveddd it

johnnybumblebee on Geocaching
I added Virginia to my list of states in which I Geocached. However it was not really satisfactory. i will keep it as a hope for this year to cache in a new area

larali on Be sober for one year
Jan. 6, 2017, trying, maybe?

Skekenon on Deliver a speech about transgender awareness in front of 200+ people
That sounds exciting. I hope that this goes well for you :)

Lester Tiro on Join a Hockey Team
great goal

ZombieGirl on Kiss the Great Sphinx of Giza
haha! =D

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Organise your life around what is fundamentally important and what you love
I really end up expending a great deal of energy getting stressed about things that are not important or at all meaningful, when I could spend a much higher proportion of my life doing things ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Develop, implement and maintain a detailed financial plan
I have purchased some books on this, but I really need to set aside some time to delve into this a develop a real plan.

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Plan for retirement and later life
I have purchased some books about retirement, and we have started having some conversations about what we might like to do, where we might like to be, so I need to keep thinking about these ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Contribute to conservation and protection of the enviroment
I have become supportive of some environmental NGOs, I need to continue to develop that involvement.

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Contribute to addressing corruption, the promotion of the rule of law, and the protection of human rights
I have begun some involvement with some NGO's, especially relating to corruption and good governance, I need to continue with and develop that involvement, also with some of the environmental NGOs, etc.. I am getting ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Nurture relationships with friends and family
Try and develop more connections with and better relations with Nkosana's family

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Nurture relationships with friends and family
I should spend some time each day nurturing relationships with friends and family, instead of watching TV.

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Nurture relationships with friends and family
I have been making some efforts over the holidays to be in touch with family, I need to do a great deal more of that! I should skype with Georgia and Ellie regularly, and be ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Create our dream home with DIY and decorating, cleaning and organising, and also gardening
I have been looking at possible real estate options that we could move to, but really, financially, it does not seem really feasible to purchase a larger property that might already have everything we want, ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Turn work into dream career
I have started researching posts with international organisations, I should also look at NGOs, and also I have started to investigate consultancy options. I really need to make a move and develop my career, I ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Incorporate the ten habits of healthy people and healthy ageing
The areas that I particularly need to work on are nutrition, improving activity levels, and tackling metabolic syndrome. These are the most serious problems that will cause premature aging.

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Minimise time wasteage and wasteage of funds
I really particularly continue to have a problem with wasting time watching TV, when I could be actually tackling something that would make the house nicer, or would sort out an issue that I need ...

Amanthis van Vliet on Have (at least) a weekly 'date' with Milo
Hahaha ja, behoorlijk!!

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Create our dream home with DIY and decorating, cleaning and organising, and also gardening
You did a lot of cleaning and tidying over the holidays, which was very good, and you got the bedroom painted, and did a fair amount of work in the garden. I want to continue ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Become a passionate cook
I really am not motivated to cook much during the week, but perhaps I can try on the weekend to make a menu plan for lunches and dinners, and get ingredients to prepare some relatively ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Enjoy gardening and become a passionate gardener
We did spend some very nice time in the garden over the holidays, we got the succulent plants area established, we can continue to work with that. I want to particularly focus on rescuing the ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Improve phyical activity
I really declined in physical activity late last year, but now I am again doing more walking to and from the station, and enjoying being active in the garden and doing housework. I will focus ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Acquire and maintain healthy eating habits
I fell of the wagon late last year, especially when we were in Jeffreys Bay, but I am trying again to eat healthier, especially paying attention to significantly reducing carbohydrates, and increasing the amounts of ...

marloes plu on Have (at least) a weekly 'date' with Milo
4 of 14 is nog al een verschil:)

Chelsea Smith on Buy a camera and take a photography class next summer
Not photography so much but I like to make videos. I have a Canon Rebel T5 which has lasted me a long time and I found to be quite easy to use since I have ...

Amanthis van Vliet on Learn to do the handstand

Amanthis van Vliet on Have (at least) a weekly 'date' with Milo
Dit is een goede! Alleen wil mijn dochter liever met vrienden daten. haha.. Ik doe wel twee wekelijks. :-D

Sharil Shariff on Visit NYC
let do this this year man.. I'm going to NYC this march..

Lifelonglearning on Write my own obituary - life coaching tool to create the life you want to live
Day 2 of Morning Pages done. Very diverse, two completely different entries - not for posting here though as that's the whole point of Morning Pages, the only person who gets to read them is ...

Lifelonglearning on Create a Memories Jar for 2017
Well I've made a start, I've written something for each of the first few days of the new year so far, but rather than just sticking to 'good' things that happen I have also include ...

marloes plu on Quit smoking!
Thansk sweety! Vandaag alweer 144 dagen (iets minder dan jouw 1000 haha)

Irene Hang on See Northern Lights
Went Kiruna last Dec but due to the weather (snowing heavily), we couldn't see the northern lights. Hope can have another chance see northern lights again.

Amanthis van Vliet on Quit smoking!
Cool!! Goed bezig! :-D

Natasha Solomon Edwards on Take At Least One Picture A Day
first picture, many more to go!!!

JessicaElizabeth on Try Icelandic cuisine
It really was :) I hope I can replicate the soup!

Michael Alvaro on Buy a camera and take a photography class next summer
No Chelsea I haven't. But I have a couple of friends that are professional photographers so I will ask them. Do you do photography Chelsea? Any advice?

ZombieGirl on Try Icelandic cuisine
Looks delicious!

johnnybumblebee on 2017 : Sports

johnnybumblebee on Geocaching
Also I want to do at least 1 cache in a new state, province or country

mcoqueen on Have 400 Goals on my Bucketlist

iseeyouministry on I want to create a website to promote my book Alzheimer's, Archaeology, and the Armed Forces
Here's the website address:

iseeyouministry on Finished my 2nd book!
Book Description on the Back Cover: Many books have been written about Queen Esther, extolling her excellent character, but who is King Ahasuerus, or Xerxes, as he is known in the Greek? Is he the ...

iseeyouministry on Publish a website for I See You... Ministry
I See You... Ministry is inspired of the Holy Spirit and designed to encourage, uplift, and remind the faithful that God sees them. I See You... greeting cards and more, say it all. Signed by ...

iseeyouministry on My 3rd Book is Now Published!
The biography of my dad, Gary Steele, titled Alzheimer's, Archaeology, and the Armed Forces was published in January 2016, by Westbow Press. Gary Steele was an avocational archaeologist who worked with the folks at the ...

JessicaElizabeth on See the Aurora Borealis
It really was, I just wish I'd had a better camera to capture it :)

Jeminigirl2015 on See the Aurora Borealis
Wow - how amazing =)

Victor Moraes on Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
There are better parks and rides in Universal Studios

Ken Foden on Have 400 Goals on my Bucketlist
good luck with that.... took me a day to come up with 50 !!!

Leah Kogan on Try Judo
It's an amazing sport!! I encourage you to go for it! It's very fun, good for all levels, and the skills you learn can help you in not just other sport activities but in every ...

marloes plu on Get fit and get a six pack
You go girl!!!

ed kuliev on Buy my own house
I will buy my own house!

bleedyblue on Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
I tried blindfolded on online map and mouse ended up in Oman.

Amanthis van Vliet on Swim in the caves in Allang, Moluccas, Indonesia
Nice one

Lee Burrows on Eat Everything on Omnivore's 100 List
That's great Soul woman, hope it is a great experience

GuttersnipeRebecca on Try Candy Buttons on Paper
Jon used to get that all the time as kids lol an yes over rated

Amanda B on Drink wine in Italy
Italy was awesome - we will go back again!

ZombieGirl on Complete Stone Sour discography in all formats
Corey Taylor has an amazing voice!

Azar on Stop my ex husband from harrassing me
So nice :)