Recent comments on Bucketlist goals

megha.premkumar on River rafting
It was a nice experience rafting across cauvery river for 7km facing three rapids

Heidi Monroy on Power parachute
Although I was really scared to be in such a open environment in the air the view was really amazing. Also the flight navigator really loves his craft and it is kind of hard not ...

AnnetteH on Go sea kayaking!
This was a lot of fun. I don't know why but I was afraid that it would be difficult to paddle back to shore. It wasn't.

ginny ♥ on Travel Outside of USA
@Astral Yes

jasonlindstrom on Have a Well Built by 'De L'eau Pour Tous'
Awesome Marc, do you get to choose the location of the well?

Sweets Ross on See the northern lights

Sweets Ross on Loose 200 pounds!
I hope you are still working towards this goal. Your story resonates with my history, and I am on that same journey. I'm almost there. If I can do it, you can too.

Melanie Lawrence on Become a mother

Melanie Lawrence on Work abroad!

Melanie Lawrence on Go Camping

Melanie Lawrence on Complete a half marathon

Melanie Lawrence on Swim in a Waterfall

Melanie Lawrence on Explore Iceland

Melanie Lawrence on Shop at Harrods, London

martha gross on Paris, france - visit

Kaitlin Deaton on See an 80s glam metal/hair band in concert
Just saw Def Leppard in May, best concert ever!

Arnoud Lansdorp on Stand on Trolltunga rock in Norway
Hola katrina, i hope you are standing on your rock today. It is the last day of your target, what better day then to do it on your birthday. I hope you are doing great ...

Erik Kootstra on Paris, france - visit
We had a great time. Seen all the big ones, climed the Eiffel Tower (pfff), traveled by metro, went to Paris by Thalys (speed-train); nice !!

varun setia on Ir a los Acantilados de Moher

Guy Christiansen on Try Ghyll Scrambling
It was really cold but we had to wear a vest, t-shirt, wet suit, fleece, waterproof layer and lifejacket so we were toasty but felt like the Michelin man. Great fun, totally recommend it

JessicaElizabeth on Try Ghyll Scrambling
Was it cold? :) Looks like loads of fun!

John V. Karavitis on Read vol. 31 - Moliere & Racine - The Great Books (c) 1990
Moliere for comedies, Racine for tragedies.

Alex Wingert on Enjoy myself on a carnival ride
Amazing story haha!!

David Pan on Surf's up!
I'm looking forward to it... Thank you Loic!

Loic Jeanjean on Surf's up!
You are going to have a blast David

Astral on Buy food at El Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid
It's really cool!

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Contribute to addressing corruption, the promotion of the rule of law, and the protection of human rights
I have become more involved in anti-corruption organisations, and have made a donation. I am following the appointment of the Public Protector and will try to engage with the process as possible. I will try ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Organise your life around what is fundamentally important and what you love
Prioritise sleep, good nutrition and exercise

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Become a passionate cook
Make full use of your cookbooks, learn new tasty and useful recipes, and expand your repertoire.

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Become a passionate cook
I have not made too much progress on this goal. I have purchased quite a number of cook books, but have not yet expanded my cooking repertoire or enjoyment very much. I really could enhance ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Turn work into dream career
In terms of the actual work, I am feeling currently that the work is generally interesting and I am learning a lot. However, I have been encountering a very negative impact from one employee that ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Incorporate the ten habits of healthy people and healthy ageing
You say that health is a fundamental priority, but put that into practice!!!! You have not been taking it seriously at all! You are letting yourself down big time!

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Nurture relationships with friends and family
Visiting Canada was a wonderful experience to connect with mom and dad, and Em, Andy, Georgia and Ellie, and Uncles and Aunts, it was wonderful. I need to build on this. I keep saying that ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Minimise time wasteage and wasteage of funds
I am still not doing well at all on this goal, I still have a tendency to waste time on TV and other meaningless things, and also to sometimes spend money unnecessarily.

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Enjoy gardening and become a passionate gardener
I have become more passionate about gardening, and have been learning, but there is much to do. I need to devote a bit of time each morning to keep an eye on things, and much ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Complete a PhD in Legislative Drafting and Administrative Law
I had made some good progress by completing the proposal and successfully defending it, but I have been stalled since then, and I really need to get things fired up again and make real progress.

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Complete a PhD in Legislative Drafting and Administrative Law
I have completed the proposal and defended it, which is a good start. I also attended a writing retreat, which was positive, although I got diverted by work demands, and did not make the progress ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Acquire and maintain healthy eating habits
I really did badly with my eating habits while on holiday, I ate a lot of junk food and sweet things. I had slid into not very good habits even before going on holiday. I ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Improve phyical activity
I have not been doing too well with my physical activity, although I did do a fair amount of walking and moving around while on holiday. I need to get back into walking regularly, walking ...

Jeannine Bednar-Giyose on Consistently get adequate quality sleep
I have not made much progress on this objective, so I need to keep trying. I need to practice more stretching and meditation before bed and yoga, use ear plugs and eye patches to block ...

John V. Karavitis on Read James Joyce's "Ulysses"
Well, it's over. The nightmare is OVER. I just finished reading James Joyce's "Ulysses." What a steaming pile of dogshit! Absolutely WORTHLESS!

Timothy Kief on Re-kindle an old friendship that has gone by the wayside
Tried with a invitation to go boating but it was turned down do to "busy schedule." Need to think of another approach - more regular contact

Vicki Johnson on See the liberty bell and independence hall

Vicki Johnson on Watch Halley's Comet
Saw Haleys Comet in 1986 in Redlands, CA

Vicki Johnson on Learn american sign language (asl)
Next class in September

Zoe Hands on Go to Italy

hhoost on Beyoncé concert

enperca Askew on Save a life
Many people state they are tired of purchasing oak furniture because it is an quaint idea of purchasing furniture. Nevertheless, I say that even though it's an old appearance but perhaps you have heard it ...

enperca Askew on Start my own business
2012 Belmont Stakes Post Time -- When the Actual Gaming Starts This is the time when horses start making their way to over to the starting gate. So that the time they're "away" will typically ...

Robert Turner on Go to a Rick Springfield concert
I went to a Rick Springfield concert with my date, a local beauty queen, Brenda Blair.

jasonlindstrom on No snacking and getting food out of the fridge this week
great photo Jacek. Reminds me of what I do late at night sometimes.

Jason Lindstrom on Visit corsica, france
Awesome story Loic. Photos look beautiful.

Drew Woodard on Dye my hair blonde
You're so pretty with the blonde hair.. You pull it off way better than I did lol

Drew Woodard on Ride on the back of a motorcycle
Haha.. Sure is.. Can't wait to do it again ;)

Dreamer Trejo on Get out of credit card debt
After too many trials to attack this bad thing I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Stefan Cudby on Celebrate Holi in India
If someone threw paint on me I would call my lawyer

AC Marston on Learn a new language
Hey, there's a FREE 6 day trial course on how to learn Italian, it's really great, and you get tons of value from it, I'd highly recommend it, check it out:

rieneyri Mickens on Visit New York
Why Are Braces Significant? Have you been finding it difficult to accept your dentist's proposition for the use of braces to treat your dental misalignments? You need to be thinking that braces or aligners fitted ...

shivani Patel on Graduate from high school

Loredana Pleșca on See gaudi's works in Barcelona
Yes, yes, yes!

tech bahadurs on Werwe

John V. Karavitis on Read vol. 12 - Virgil - The Great Books (c) 1990
Fucking loved it! First heard about it decades ago in high school, but pooh-poohed it. Now that I've read it, I can NOT stop recommending it! An easy read, quick, and enjoyable.

Terry Klein on Go to Mexico
Very nervous to not be able to understand people speaking another language

Terry Klein on Wear a snake around my neck
I was very frightened but forced myself to wear the giant yellow boa

Anthony Akpan on Less Sugar for 1 Week (No Candies, No Cola)
Hmm does any one else see goals? even the ones i added i dont see on here

Alex Wingert on Go on a Wine Tour
What wineries did you go to? I was just up in Penticton doing the same thing!!!

Daniel Nemeş on Take Cute Kissing Pictures in a Photobooth
On 09/07/2016 I made a single picture in a photobooth in Cambridge, is the first time making this kinde of picture, I was curious ... a second time it will be with my love.

Marc Gosselin on Explore 'Canal Road', Eat at a Random Restaurant
There's one picture in the details, but we don't see much. There was a lot of people in this small place so I didn't want to take their picture ;)

Jacek Turowski on Do a backflip on a trampoline
Cool photo, looks like serious deliberation on who's trampoline backflip is winning

Amanda Sweet on Create a Dreamcatcher
crossed off my bucket list

CarrieCarrie on Explore 'Canal Road', Eat at a Random Restaurant
Cat cafe sounds amazing. Post a picture if you can! :D

CarrieCarrie on Hike Iron Mountain
I didn't get to this goal this week bc my friend ditched me to go on a date. It's kind of a drive and I'm not interested in doing it alone so I'll post-pone this ...

Yar on Visit disneyland Paris
Was Just there myself last week!

Cristina Scordo on Ride a hot air balloon
I loved it every time & I miss it.

Laura Wilcox on Win a competition
Won two! Wrote an entry to cow and gate explaining what it wa like to be a mom. Won a gift card and a memento book 💛 Then won tickets to the autism show, thanks ...

infreebin Luster on Start my own business
Features of Lesbian Feet Sex Plenty of girls nowadays are experiences identity confusion throughout their middle age. This is chiefly because they are searching for sexual pleasure in the same sex. Women who are in ...

infreebin Luster on All You Need To Know About Mechanical Engineering Jobs
Alas, the exacting demands of contemporary life and back breaking routines, and of course the increasing costs don't make one together with the time and freedom for an indulgence in having a boat. Still, a ...

Ann Morgan-Cummings on Ride a horse at the beach- or anywhere really
I did it on June 30 2016. Not at the beach but that's ok

Nef Zalman on Start a memory jar
Now i just need to find a jar

Danielle Ward on Finish Writing a Novel
Exciting! This is only list too! 2018 is a good year!

Danielle Ward on Dance on a Bar
Ha ha yay!!!

Danielle Ward on Dine in the Dark

Mark Twining on Dive the Similan Islands
It's on my list! Plan on being there in the next 2 years!

CommonSence on Skydive over Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Haha was looking for a goal to just go to Palm Jumeirah, then this came up and wow; I really want to skydive over it now.

rieneyri Mickens on Complete a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle on my own
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jasonlindstrom on Do a backflip on a trampoline
Dude, I can't wait to see the video of you doing a backflip.

rieneyri Mickens on Complete a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle on my own
The Crucial Components The previous decade has found cruising become the top ranked approach of transfer and vacationing. Instead of taking family trips to overcrowded shores, people are reserving their weeklong cruises to broad exotic ...

Amber Cook on Learn ARCHERY
Learned how on a college camping trip

Kimberly on Have a Baby
2 beautiful babies

Taylor Barker on Ride on the back of a motorcycle
your favorite thing in the world, right? ;)

Brent Whitman on Do a backflip on a trampoline
🍻+backflips … what could possibly go wrong? LOL

Annie Luong on Visit the Empire State Building
Next time visit at night! At night time its cooler, there's a jazz player and the city lights are stunning.

Jason Lindstrom on Go on a Wine Tour
Awesome story Julie, thanks for sharing :-)

ZombieGirl on Cosplay as Shiro, NGNL
You look adorable! Also, that guy is really tall! Haha

Cory Waters on Go to murder mystery theater
A different take on a date night

jasonlindstrom on Hike Iron Mountain
Awesome Carrie

Shaun Favell on Get tattooed
Dream on xxx

ZombieGirl on Make an American Flag Cake
Thanks, it was so good! =D

JessicaElizabeth on Travel abroad with my girlfriend
:3 I like this goal :3

JessicaElizabeth on Make an American Flag Cake
Looks delicious! Good thinking with the blueberries and strawberries :)