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Fatima Fatima

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When I was a teenager, I used to play in school theater, and sometimes I was a director, an actor, and a producer in a same time ! I had a lot of Potential and patience and energy , but sorry for myself that my talent was not discovered ...

Camillours Camillours

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RoseStar16 RoseStar16

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I was Rita in the musical "White Christmas" at the Cameo theatre in San Antonio. It was December - January. It was a lot of hard work, it took me out of my comfort zone (I was playing a slut), and it made my boyfriend at the time mad at me (he thought I was actually flirting with the people on stage - he was an idiot) but it was worth everything!!! I started off as just a dancer, but when another dancer who was originally playing the part had to leave the show for an emergency, I was chosen to take over.


blagman blagman

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 done this lots of times

scott.bahantka scott.bahantka

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 I had 3 small roles in the play, 2 speaking roles, and one in which I had to perform a dance.

TillieJayne TillieJayne

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Patty Simcox in Grease when I was 16 

avivian avivian

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All through high school.


ShiinaHL ShiinaHL

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Sarah Good in the Crucible 

Gabby_valeria Gabby_valeria

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Im a theatre kid I was in Honk, Once Upon a Mattress, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory recently... 


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 lead role as Iron Man in year 4 play.


Also was an orange in a nativity...

FirstLast FirstLast

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Alice in Wonderland!

Poesidone Poesidone

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I've been acting since I was 7 years old. i recently finished a show, I've been in over 50 stage and screen productions.

stephieee stephieee

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I was in a few in highschool. It was horrible.

bamabucketlist bamabucketlist

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12/15-16/2012 acted in a Christmas cantada at church. I played Joseph and didn't faint. I was pleasently surprised. It helped me conquer my phobia of people and stage fright.

GoForIt2013 GoForIt2013

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Since this I have done Alice in Wonderland and Bugsy Malone as well as in drama class done Blood Brothers.

catastrotea catastrotea

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Once as a maid in the Importance of Being Earnest, and once just a few weeks ago as Katie in Bang Bang You're Dead. Both fantastic experiences!


Camilacr Camilacr

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Footloose. 10th grade. 

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