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rosemaryale rosemaryale

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So we didn't have a lock with us, nor did we want to buy one so ridiculously overpriced since backpacking is costly and we had little money left.  Instead, we put a little band-aid because it's flexible, temporary, and useful like our relationship. We don't need it to last forever, we're perfectly happy with cherishing it while it lasts. 


aitaylor2 aitaylor2

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On our last night in Paris, my friend Chelsea and I added our locks to the bridge.  It was a beautiful night, a beautiful sunset in Paris.  Then we shared a bottle of champagne on the lawn of the Eiffel Tower and watched it twinkle.  Our metro passes expired at midnight, so we had to run through the station and jump the turnstiles.  It was a great night.  I will go back someday. 

midnightwaffle midnightwaffle

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 This shall forever be one of the most memorable moments of my life. We ended up at the bridge by accident after touring the Louve. As we were walking past it clicked what this bridge was: a love lock bridge. I had read articles and seen pictures. It was nothing short of fate that I had a small red and black lock on my person and we also had a black sharpie in which to inscribe our names. 

The bridge has been removed since then. But the experience is one of a lifetime. Together we took the key and threw it into the Pacific ocean while in America. 

Dragon547 Dragon547

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It was simply beautiful. I wish I could have put a lock on the bridge but im single haha. But I just wanted to see it :D

mindio mindio

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France Trip 2015 to Rennes and Paris


lisa.eulaers lisa.eulaers

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It was for both of us the first time visiting Paris and there we made a promise to go back together.

jess.eden jess.eden

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locked my love with Josh in April 2014 <3

sophia90 sophia90

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 boyfriend surprised me with a trip to paris for valentines day by giving me the lock as a present to unwrap. best present ever! the love lock bridge is a beautiful place aswell.

schusid schusid

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One for my and my sisters!


fconejeros fconejeros

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megmouse3 megmouse3

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Me, my boyfriend (at the time), and my immediate family were in France visiting relatives. We ended up taking a train down to Paris for a few days, since my boyfriend had never been before. I went to Champs Elysées with him and we ended up on the love lock bridge. Once I explained what it was to him, he immediately pulled me over to a store that was selling tacky heart shaped locks. We picked out a silver one and wrote our names on it. It was hard finding a blank space to put a lock on, but we eventually found one. The bridge almost collapsed form the weight of all the locks, so they took them all off. It was a very fun experience, I would definitely recommend going there with a friend or significant other.

holding.jess holding.jess

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Beautiful bridge, we added our own lock to it.


adriana.j.gill adriana.j.gill

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 The love lock bridge was a definite must do on our Parisian adventure. What we didn't expect was to stumble upon more than one lock bridge! The first bridge we visited turned out not to be the love lock bridge haha but when we came upon the real love lock bridge, you knew immediately. It was covered with thousands and thousands of locks! It was definitely beautiful - all that love shining across the Seine river! It was a special experience for sure.

Note 1: It just so happens that putting locks around the city has actually become a problem and it is something that they are trying to crack down upon - who would've thought!

Note 2: Beware of tricksters! When we were on the bridge, a girl picked up what appeared to be a gold ring on the bridge and tried to give it back to me as if I had dropped it. I told her it wasn't mine, but she insisted I take it. Once I took it, she asked me for money! I told her I didn't have any cash on me and she was pushy, insisting that I must have enough for her to buy a coffee. I clearly didn't and she took back the was only a few feet away that we saw someone else pulling the same trick on another couple! Don't fall for it. 

RomyHolweg RomyHolweg

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A symbol for my endless love for Paris

rhian.campbell93 rhian.campbell93

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My boyfriend and I put a lock on the bridge. It's still there. We checked 2 years later :)


Calystoreo Calystoreo

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In January 2013

jillert4412 jillert4412

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Nearest bridge to the Notre Dame.

I quoted William Shakespeare on my lock. Though she be little, she is fierce.

May 2014.

adewdwcp adewdwcp

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yeahitslacy yeahitslacy

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January 2015


jenniferdwork jenniferdwork

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