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myfishpajamas myfishpajamas

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I adopted Oliver from the Davidson County Animal Shelter in July 2011. For the most part, he has been a fantastic dog. I probably should not have a dog since I live in an apartment, and I work a lot, but we make it work. I always think of him first and make sure I'm there for him when he needs me to be. He is getting older (at least 8 years old now) and is developing some health issues, but we are sticking together. He is my buddy.


B_Suggs B_Suggs

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I adopted my dog Bailey almost 2 years ago. She is awesome and has been a constant friend through my cancer treatments.

Miss Tana Miss Tana

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 His name is Sprocket. He was 7 months old when I adopted him in December 2014. He was quite the handful and still is lol. But I love him!

Bookworm111 Bookworm111

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 My mom surprised the family one random day with the tiniest Pomeranian ever. After a few days we decided to name her Frankie. She was 9 weeks when we got her and its been 11 months and she's still pretty much the same size and weighs maybe 2 pounds more with a total of 3.3 pounds. The only time she's not growling and barking is when she's asleep cause she's a princess but we love her anyway. In my family its tradition we get to open pajamas Christmas Eve so this year Frankie got her own onsie 

Yarahashimoto Yarahashimoto

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My wife and adopted a 3 year old beagle in 2008


Cindels - Traveling blondie Cindels - Traveling blondie

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Mash. Mothers little boy.

Was a very sick puppy, But we got him all well again. 

Loves cuddles and his tennis balls. Not so much a fan of water. 

Love him to bits

koalaskratt koalaskratt

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She's an irish street dog and she's absolutely amazing.

Tamy Tamy

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​Adopted an adorable black Labrador called Beanie


timmonshayley timmonshayley

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We adopted Snoopy and had him for 13 years until he passed away due to cancer. He was my best friend.  

dailic14 dailic14

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Yessss!!! Finally My wife took me to a shelter on valentine's day 2016 to surprise me w a cat but we walked out w a 1yr 7 mnth old male miniature poodle!!! His name is Sulley and i love him lots!!!

silleangelique silleangelique

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 Tejay, 2012

serferraro serferraro

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 It's great!

kehindapryor kehindapryor

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My wife and I wanted to surprise our daughter with a kitten for her birthday. Thank God we didn't. We decided to hold off and bring her to the shelter so she could pick out a kitten and she was petrified of them lol. Piper was the first puppy she saw and she fell in love with her. We can't picture our lives without our little additional family member.

JanieMarie JanieMarie

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Adopted in 2014. Jezabel was going to be abandoned in the woods in winter.

joysun joysun

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 My best experience. Sammy is my lovely dog.

PotatoInferno PotatoInferno

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My Lovely Doggie. :)

Saraspd Saraspd

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not one dog but i have adopted six street dogs.

Being an Animal Lover it gives pleasure to own such dogs....

just love them....


applearc applearc

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The best feeling in the world. 

chellobean chellobean

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Cali is the best decision I've ever made!

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Wilbur <3


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