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anthony.sloderbeck anthony.sloderbeck

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 I've had several Kitties over the years.

cbroekema cbroekema

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Life changing - even better when you rescue. 

Adopted Gus on January 9th, 2016!

jtreacle1986 jtreacle1986

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 adapted a dragon :) ❤️

despertarpraviv despertarpraviv

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Adopted Fino in Toronto, Canada in 1996, Tina in Portugal in 2004 and Nero in also in Portugal in 2015

Nero presently lives with us...very sweet soul. Likes to cuddle up in bed with us.

Please adopt, there are so many animals out there that need love and a home. Have a heart! <3



Kholiver21 Kholiver21

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Found Riley, my 7yo lab Australian Sheppard mix on craigslist. Such an amazing dog. I could not have picked a better puppy.

madisonkinnard madisonkinnard

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Adopted 2 precious female kittens at 7-8 weeks old and named them Paisley and Sriracha <3

galboglarka galboglarka

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1 success storie


e.kennedy717 e.kennedy717

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Never have regretted doing this. Have adopted a kitty and a doberman and I love them both very much.

basak.ozdemir.750 basak.ozdemir.750

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caitbender caitbender

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Completed May 2008

colleen.engel.7 colleen.engel.7

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Got the best cat, Mabel! Love her so much 


millow millow

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 Prima è arrivato Amleto, poi Monet :) 

sugarpop5571 sugarpop5571

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 I have had multiple pets and all of them have been cats. In my opinion cats are the best type of pet. These cats' names have been Shotie, Meme, Einstien, and Gypsy. I love cats and you should think about adopting one. Many people think dogs are better and although they are quite cute I love cats more. You should do this!!

rlovett rlovett

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Lady Jane 10/20/18 <3

And Arya


winchesterroadtrip winchesterroadtrip

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Almost all of my pets have been rescues- from horses, to cats, to dogs. My dad even rescued a sea otter and was able, with the help of authorities, to rehabilitate it. Currently, we have two rescue cats, on rescue dog, and a rescue horse.


KC39597930 KC39597930

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One of the best decisions I have made in my life, so far. Oliver was named Riot, a black lab border collie mix. He was taken in the next county over and transferred to the Humane Society in my county. He was already fixed, potty trained, had decent manners, and the shelter described him as "mellow." He was about 5-6 years old with an adorable grey muzzle. I went there to look at another senior black lab named Abby, thinking that Riot would have already been scooped up. To my surprise, he was still there. He came straight to me, put his paws up on my lap, and let me love on him. We went for a walk around the property and I knew I needed to bring him home. I was actually really scared. I had never owned a dog. It was all new to me, but he made it so easy. It's 8 months later now. He isn't a perfect dog, but he loves me and forgives me for not being perfect too. Neither of us are alone now. 


Kingce Kingce

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 Laika, beste hond ooit!

LizWw LizWw

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I adopted my precious baby Chloe July 2013! Love this girl!

sprklmermaid sprklmermaid

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I rescued a gray tabby kitten

mezesmv mezesmv

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8 success stories

Kagan And Kali.

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