Always bring an item home to Display from each vacation

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natas92xx natas92xx

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Everytime I come home from vacation I bring something home. Usually it's a snowglobe, I collect those.


stefaniesluyts stefaniesluyts

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 The souvenirs remind me of the amazing trips I made. They remind me of the fun I had in a certain country! 🐫

blagman blagman

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 on going i always do this especially fridge magnets

lbondarenko lbondarenko

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I bring a refrigerator magnet home from each location I have visited. Ideally, they should be made locally, which is surprisingly difficult since everything is made in china now a days. And they must be symbolic or representitive of the location. A logo, an icon, a state animal, whatever triggers my memories of the good times I had. I am have about 20 right now, but my fridge still have plent of realestate. So I better keep on planning.  



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A family tradition we started decades ago, and I don't ever plan on stopping!  


ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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I always bring home something...even if it is just a magnet for the fridge. 



sleepycat1993 sleepycat1993

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my display cabinet full of souvenirs

sguthreau sguthreau

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Great memories of great trips!


TopFrog TopFrog

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 I always bring something home from a destination 

sg2532 sg2532

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I collect Starbucks mugs as my souvenirs when I travel. I didn't start this craze until country #4 so that means I have a reason to go back now!

hdj974 hdj974

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i would like journey in india in order to spirituality

tsmoot tsmoot

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 I don't have much traveling experience under my belt, but I think I've always wanted a token to remember my experience at the places I have been and to start a collection of sorts. 

angiemaria0796 angiemaria0796

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I brough back souvenirs from Hawaii, France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. 

diamond.gamgee diamond.gamgee

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Brought sand from cuba, rocks from New England, wood from Boston.


kalisha20 kalisha20

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Bring back miniture replicas of the famous monuments from the places we've travelled. Recently started collecting keyring, so going to keep that one up as not all countries have famous monuments but they all have keyrings :P

(started collecting keyrings 2012)


nicola.elizabethscott nicola.elizabethscott

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On going...... 

readergirl1013 readergirl1013

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 I always bring home souvenirs! (I don't always display them).

taman44 taman44

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Heb poppetjes gespaard uit elk land waar ik ben geweest. Heb verzameling intussen niet meer. 

rahatekar rahatekar

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Wimbledon - did a wimbledon tour, bought souvenirs for my family



nikolinasrejic nikolinasrejic

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 Whist travelling i bought a fridge magnet and postcard from every country i visited

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