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bluenwild bluenwild

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 My school's ball. It's mostly for the parents, teachers, alumni and sponsors, but the older students are also invited to come.

It was so much fun!! Two of my friends played in the Big Band and my girlfriends and I got to wear our nicest dresses. I loved it.

Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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I hated to wear dress at that time so not my favorite thing in junior high school 

linser3 linser3

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Ball at the Bellevue!


wumithepooh wumithepooh

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I got my hopes up for my school ball way too much! I pictured it to be a big, fat American-style high school prom from the movies but really it was just a bunch of people from school, dressed up and dancing to an average DJ. Was cool, wasn't life changing and I can't wait to go to other balls without the months of stress and planning out my look and more emphasis on having fun!

Ti541 Ti541

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Masqurade Ball 

JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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Dressing up and feeling fancy is fun! And of course, the food was amazing. We were served with a goats cheese tart starter (which was absolutely delicious), chicken in white wine with potato and asparagus (also equally as amazing) and finally a sticky toffee pudding for desert. To top this off, afterwards there was a chocolate fountain, and the hilarity of watching our lecturers dance. 

shamrock_lover98 shamrock_lover98

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Highschool graduation ball, yaaay <3 

Kylec21 Kylec21

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I went to the Artimis balls while i was a member of their court

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Mother and daughter ball

Juve Juve

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 A ball is a freaking amazing experience! I wish for everyone to attend at least one ball in their life, it's marvelous! It's fancy and it's beautiful and it's so much fun! The ball I attended is organized sixth year in a row now for celebrating Independence Day in Poland, it's totally cool :D

frostflower6 frostflower6

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 It was fun as long as you were with friends.

RadiantKayleigh RadiantKayleigh

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 I didn't go to Prom (wasn't the done thing in my school) or have any other reason to wear a long fancy dress, so i always wanted to attend a ball. It didn't disappoint. I went to a charity ball with my boyfriend, wore a long teal coloured gown, had my hair done and did my make-up.

We spent the night laughing, drinking, dancing and kissing. It was wonderful.

BonaNochay BonaNochay

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 It was a masquerade ball. I got hooked.  I will be attending my third one at the end of the month

ebbatibell ebbatibell

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Felt beautiful for once, thank you to everyone involved.

PicturePerfectBeauty PicturePerfectBeauty

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So awesome :)

naletka naletka

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 Kamile's and Matas' weddings.

Traveler21 Traveler21

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Went to two charity balls this year. 


byanka0923 byanka0923

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 Navy Balls every year.

irineocrz irineocrz

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Been to the Corps of Engineers Ball in 2015 in Honolulu Hi


marydelta marydelta

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Went to the black and white ball in San Francisco with my dear friend; it was a fundraiser for the San Francisco symphony. Pure magic <3 

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