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Smiz Smiz

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Was a bridesmaid at my mothers wedding. 

HomoToeristika HomoToeristika

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 I was quite young so I had no idea what I was doing most of the time, but it was a lot of fun! 

jkwbucket jkwbucket

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 This was alot of things lol it was fast it was stress, it was fun. it was creative, it was beautiful my sister was the bride and she was stunning, i am happy she found her life partner, who accepts her and her 3 amazing children......all us bridesmaids were pretty loved my dress .....even though there were many ups and downs lol it worked out perfectly in the end not a thing went wrong... Perfect wedding

jessicaawilliss jessicaawilliss

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 The most stressful day of my life, made worthwhile by a beautiful ceremony with a beautiful view.

kmart kmart

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 I was a beautiful bridesmaid for Nate and Shaynna's wedding! 

pollyanna97 pollyanna97

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Was a Bridesmaid at my Aunt and Uncles wedding in May 2012.


goobervillian goobervillian

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Maid of Honor!!


samantha.sarsfield samantha.sarsfield

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For my beautiful best friend and her lovely husband :)

GabriellaC GabriellaC

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I loved being a bridesmaid! Unfortunately, I was 16 and the only one under 21 so I didn't get invited to the bachelorette party and stuff like that. But I would love to be a bridesmaid again and have the full experience.

lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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At my cousins engagement party, she asked me to be a Bridesmaid and I was jumping with joy. I was so happy and excited! It was such an exciting week, being part of the Bachelorette parties and dinners and even being able to walk down the aisle to support my cousin on her special day. I LOVE WEDDINGS!


laura.cody.33 laura.cody.33

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I have been lucky enough to be a Bridesmaid twice so far...

To my Aunt and Uncle - Neil & Jane, Aged 7

To one of my dearest friends - Leanne Brannigan, Aged 21

kayleighdj kayleighdj

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I got to be a bridesmaid for my brother and his (now) wife.



SabreLi SabreLi

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Be honoured to be a Bridesmaid


Kylec21 Kylec21

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I was in my cousin jenas wedding last year april 7 2017

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July 12th for my brothers wedding!

TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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Aug 1992: Bridesmaid for Michelle Oct 1996: Bridesmaid for Charity


ChloeWallace ChloeWallace

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Sandy & Bucks Spring day wedding xx

ChloeWallace ChloeWallace

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Cara & Tyrens wedding x

E.Liz E.Liz

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 I got to be MOH in my friend's wedding. It was so much fun being there. Having the chance to support her, to be part of her special day is a memory I will treasure for a lifetime.

lisawheels89 lisawheels89

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Was a maid of honor 3.28.15 :)


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