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lisa515 lisa515

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So my amazing "film credits" include "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie," "Northern Exposure," "Mighty Ducks," some George Carlin movie (he was really nice), and a few other random things I can't remember.  Even more fun taking Devin and Bailey to do Extra work.  They were both on "Desperate Housewives."  Devin also did a Ubisoft commercial, "Hart of Dixie," and a couple of others.  Bailey did "Malcolm in the Middle" and "See Dad Run."


andybrem92 andybrem92

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Was an extra on TV show "Fierce Earth" with CBBC.

_genna _genna

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I wasn't supposed to be in this situation at all, so my friend was called in to be an extra, I was just hanging around looking at the set and the food and the costumes, it was awesome. Then the crew was looking fro people and I was standing there out of nowhere and when I tried to sit down, the guy says "you" come with me. I go towards him and he says "go over there to hair & makeup" I walked to hair & make up where they sprayed my hair and applied very natural looking makeup and me and my friend were stoked. we got on the extras bus and went on our ways to the set. then out of a big group they picked me again to stand in an airport scene where Justin Timberlake was supposed to be arriving in Costa Rica and he bumped into me a bunch of times cause they kept redoing and redoing the scene but hey, I got to bump into Justin Timberlake a bunch of times so (thumbs up) it was amazing and I got to see how a movie was made which loving films as much as i do that was one of the biggest experiences of my life!


micharuiz micharuiz

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It was a really long movie, "Abandonados" that shows something like a 3th World War that starts for the water. I was a running person in a boom scene. It was funny, because blood was strawberries with ketchup.  The movie wasn't good, but the experience was AWESOME. 

danielleeu danielleeu

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During the summer of 2001 I was a movie extra in the film Envy (starring Jack Black and Ben Stiller).  The film took a long time to get released-over 2 years in fact.  The film's official release date was April 30th, 2004...and the movie was a major dud at the box office!  But on a positive note, you can see me in one scene towards the begining of the film (if you watch it in widescreen).  It was my only venture into the film industry and you really gotta focus in order to see me-but I can say I was in a movie and I even have proof, lol!

ghoney2003 ghoney2003

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 I did several extra movie roles.loved being on set.

djferne djferne

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 I've just finished filming as an extra for the film Brooklyn!

marki marki

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Was an extra in a Shah Rukh Khan-Movie called "Don 2". Never saw it, but i remember one funny thing. The indian film crew shot here in Berlin and several days ago snow began to fall. Cause they never saw snow before they were happy about it like little children - great! :D

blackavar27 blackavar27

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Takamisa Takamisa

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alison2025 alison2025

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OK this was fun and no one knows but me and my friend Melanie. It happened AGES ago! Was an extra in the ABBA movie at the fan scenes shot at the Melbourne town hall. Seem to remember that the scenes took forever to film and were actually done well after ABBA left the town hall. Wasnt planned but happened! Cease the day! Which was March 5th 1977.



Bazco101 Bazco101

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The Mitchell & Webb comedy "Magicians". A friend had a line in with an extras company, and they needed some randoms for a days' re-shoots, so I went along and got to stand in the dark background, wearing a black t-shirt, making grimacing faces. Waited till the DVD was on special for 10 bucks then bought it, to revel in my 6 seconds of Glory! 

Highly entertaining, and recommended - if just for telling folks you've been in a movie  ;-)

writerchic_86 writerchic_86

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I love to act, so being an extra in a movie was definitely a goal of mine. I got to fulfill this one in Shreveport, La. when the movie, "Factory Girl," was being filmed there while I was in college. I was in two scenes and you can see me in one of the scenes. :) It was a cool experience! Plus Hayden Christensen and Sienna Miller were like standing right beside me the whole time.

elle_guerra elle_guerra

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I was an extra in The Notebook while it was filmed in Charleston, SC.  

Attestalin Attestalin

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Zombie extra in an Indie Film. Would love to be an extra in a Major Motion Picture!

seller seller

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Varsity Blues!

LaMaria LaMaria

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Mil Mascaras Movie. I played a zombie sorority girl :)

heathyre heathyre

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When I heard about an open casting call to be an extra in the Movie version of the 80's Rock Musical "Rock of Ages" how could I say no?

I spent the day jumping and screaming at a "Fake Concert" starting Diego Boneta, Julianne Hough and Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx. It took us all day to get through 2 numbers (Wanted Dead or Alive and Don't Stop Believing). By the end of the day, I was over the 80s but I had quite the story to tell.

The movie trailers are out and while I have not spotted myself in them, I did see my boyfriend in them so I gotta be there somewhere!

damir2go damir2go

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Goltzius and the Pelican Company, by Peter Greenway. Loved Murray Abraham; great actor. Can't wait to see the movie.

CheckJessOrNo CheckJessOrNo

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Two, actually.Year One and Skateland.

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