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gilianerocha gilianerocha

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MP3 Experiment


sleepycat1993 sleepycat1993

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In July to celebrate Canada 150. Chinese communities host a traditional Chinese culture flash mob in front of Toronto city hall. It's amazing experience to celebrate Canada 150th birthday 


jaynarvaez jaynarvaez

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Flash Mob America


Color Color

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Lets do the time wrap again

Kateraa Kateraa

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Oswegoland Park District's Prairie Fest!!! (:

xsdayonx xsdayonx

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I was part of a flash mob at Stratford Square Mall. Rushi planned a flash mob in order to ask a girl to prom. Jaskirit and I were partners and danced to Timber by Kesha and Pitbull. We all thought it would be lame at first, but it ended up being a blast. [email protected]

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For a sweet guy celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary.  My daughter and friend danced to several tunes.  Great time

melonruh melonruh

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I was in a flash mob to help promote the Ke$sha concert that my school was having. It was really fun to do, even though it was really short.

I also was in one to promote a show that I was in, we went to all of the cafeterias in Syracuse and preformed the opening number of the show (The Wedding Singer)

9andrea0 9andrea0

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MAD Bollywood 2012 The District

AlexMac AlexMac

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I organized, filmed, and was in a flash freeze mob on Hollywood Blvd.

maura.lytle maura.lytle

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I was in a Flash Mob sometime in high school. Don't know what it was for but we danced to "Dancing Queen" by ABBA. I did it with Kayleigh Smith, who I have known since elementary school. 


elindai elindai

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It was at Plattan in Stockholm, Sweden 2012. It was a while after Gangnam Style hit its peak so it was of course a Gangnam Style flash mob, also, non k-pop fans could also join since everyone knew about kpop by that time, thanks to that we (they) successfully gathered 400 people! I was at the back, not standing out or anything and I didn't even know the whole dance. It was a bit embarrassing since not many of the 400 knew the whole choreo except for the horse part, so at the rest of the part the people were just....jamming or something idk, u know what im talking about. But it got on both the swedish and Korean news and that's pretty exciting. 

brittanycude brittanycude

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December 12, 2012


musicloverr489 musicloverr489

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Did this on Dec 1, 2012!

farytale29 farytale29

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Šavel center Murska Sobota,  maj 2014

TammyHo TammyHo

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Did it for Charlotte Crosby's fahsion ad in Fired by Mum and Dad


liza96 liza96

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 Do you remember the harlemshake?That creazy song without any sense😊 It was one of the fir flashmobs in Southtirol. I was there with some friends and i was so cool

Myee Myee

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Danced to Thriller at Woodford Folk Festival


hwilliamson hwilliamson

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jessp jessp

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Bonus! I choreographed one! 

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