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ceagan.vanstaden ceagan.vanstaden

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I couldnt believe i was in the newspaper, in a paid newspaper :D

sandskyandsea sandskyandsea

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I personally am choosing to consider my college newspaper as a really newspaper and say that I completed this goal. I was stopped outside the library at my school by  a lovely young woman who asked me if I would like to be interviewed for the papers fashion column. I obviously said yes and the next week boom there I was right in the middle of the paper. My mom even shared it on Facebook because she was proud.... Overall a very fun moment of my college career. 

Milo15 Milo15

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One time when i was young and me and my dad came in the paper, we raked leaves in the fall.

And a time when i attended a skatecamp for girls


MadelineLM MadelineLM

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I've been in the paper many times for theater, baton, color guard,parades, and community service projects. Perhaps the most impressive is in college when I had a whole article written about my senior art exhibit, and they actually use the photo I provided. Good times, Good times.

Photo Credit: Washington Daily News, Myself

ashley.reuther.1 ashley.reuther.1

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Beacon Paper Acton and Boxborough about Honduras 2013 painting a mural

carrot12 carrot12

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Community Service at the Life Care Center in Farmington, NM. We were playing string games and hanging out with the elderly, on Friday. 


jasmine2000 jasmine2000

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It was for the Icebox Derby from ComEd. Being in the newspaper makes you feel nice bc you know your story is out there for others to read about. :)


Claudiag143 Claudiag143

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Many moons ago when I was crowned Miss Fillmore 2006.


Gnarly.Carly Gnarly.Carly

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Hatch Hatch

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Haha A bunch of buddies and myself decided to try bubble soccer. Yep thats right soccer in a bubble/bubble suit and it was awesome! We ended up picking a straggler to join us and turns out he was a writer for the Ubyssey. Its hilarious because the entire article is about students in university playing bubble soccer so shhhh don't tell anyone not one of us went to UBC!

You can't really see the article but you can see it existed... :-l  

DarcyDavies98 DarcyDavies98

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As I was Student of the Year 2017 in Travel & Tourism in my college, there was a photograph of all the winners of different categories within the college which was published in the local newspaper with an article about it. I never bought the newspaper as I was on holiday when it came out although my friend sent me a picture of it. I was also in the newspaper when I was really young and when I say really young, I mean nursery years as all us nursery kids created something for Mothers Day so this was in the local newspaper which must have been around 15 years ago now.  

tomtom.roklion tomtom.roklion

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In high school, I was interviewed for my achievements in a few math competitions/contests

life_is_beautiful life_is_beautiful

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in my college  fresher's party, the photo journalist from Ahmedabad Mirror, called me, shaili and tanmay specially and took our picture. and it came in the newspaper a week later :D 

ms9808 ms9808

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1. UNITY was acknowledged through the Shafter Newspaper in March 2012 for a very successful 2012 season.

2. I had Cecil Avenue Math & Science Academy POWER program collaborat with Delano High School Key Club to raise money for UNICEF. My students painted Christmas ornaments with the Key Club members. It was published in January 15, 2015 through 'The Delano Record.'


Quisheima_Brown Quisheima_Brown

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It was during a local community servicce and i was picking up trash for a musuem . :)

annaliesbronz annaliesbronz

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Does the school's newspaper count? Lol. I'm shooting for something bigger, where a wider audience will see the newspaper. So basically I was in the newspaper club back in middle school. I made the front cover by interviewing (I forgot who exactly) someone of authority, drawing cartoons, and basically being committed to it. I am made for greatness and I am moving forward because of it.  

KiwiiLady KiwiiLady

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Was at a convention and my hair was green. My friends had also colored their hair. It was also an interview. So a bit exciting.


justin.molle justin.molle

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I've been in the paper quite a bit because of playing sports


crazykatie crazykatie

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 i love the newspaper


rorytothemax rorytothemax

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Pioneer press for chess club in 2001

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