Be in two places at once

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elfen elfen

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I've had one leg in the village Højslev, the other one in the village Dommerby.

And also, one leg in the village Nørre Søby and the other in the village Højslev.

Where my parents live, there are 3 villages that grew into on.

So I did do this, but it more fun if I had had one leg in Germany and the other in France.

SqueeBacon SqueeBacon

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Achieved this in Texas/Arkansas (Texarkana line) in August 2014!! 

loschuss93 loschuss93

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Stood in two places at once on the Cali/Arizona border on a road trip to San Diego with friends!  

Tinne Tinne

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My right hand is in France and my left hand is in Belgium!!!



Curlywurly23 Curlywurly23

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 Nevada and Arizona - one foot in each state! 

shawnamcmillen shawnamcmillen

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I took this photo when I went to HOOVER DAM // NEVADA AND ARIZONA one foot in Nevada and the other in Arizona about 900 feet above the Colorado River it means you’re also in two different time zones

jennlovesgod jennlovesgod

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Today was amazing!!! I got to Visit Hoover Dam and stand in Nevada and Arizona at the same time!!! 


briannagrassi briannagrassi

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State Line of Nsw and QLD Australia 


MarcosC MarcosC

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There's a national park in Chiapas, Mexico: the Lagunas de Montebello (Montebello Lakes). One of the lakes is actually divided by the border between Guatemala and Mexico and you are allowed to walk into a tiny space of Guatemalan territory. There is a small monument marking the border, where I took a picture with my brother, each placing a foot on either side.

Steven Truman Steven Truman

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 Technically I was, I had one foot in Lancahire and one foot in Yorkshire

scottkris15 scottkris15

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Traveling to Hoover Dam and being on the state lines of Nevada/Arizona was so surreal. Being in two places at once is a goal I’ve wanted to complete since watching the movie, “A Walk to Remember” when it first came out.  

Kamagna Kamagna

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Straddle a border, be it between states or countries

amc21785 amc21785

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 One foot in Nevada, the other in Arizona

kakakatrinaa kakakatrinaa

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Border of Massachusetts and New York State

marybethziegler marybethziegler

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California/Nevada border


rachelmue rachelmue

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 Father/Daughter trip

Tennessee year??

NicolMadalina NicolMadalina

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I've been on that bridge in Istanbul that separates the european side from the asian side of the city. I guess I can say I've been to Europe and Asia at once.


bunnylla bunnylla

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It's a nice feeling to know that my boyfriend would be the one to take me here-- and very unexpectedly. It's just between Manila and Quezon City and I never knew that it'd be possible on a very normal day. <3 ^_^

jerseygirl1789 jerseygirl1789

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Tennessee Kentucky line

Danue Danue

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I was in the frontier between Argentina and Uruguay, just as simple as that.

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