Be kissed in the rain

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When I was in Japan with my boyfriend, the weather was horrible! It was raining for a week and the streets were actually flooding. However, we made the most of the weather and decided to embrace the rain rather than to fight it! 

NiciMarie NiciMarie

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I had only been dating my current boyfriend for a couple of months last fall.  We had a conversation about our bucket lists and I lamented the fact that I had never been kissed in the rain.  He was astonished by this.  A couple of days or maybe weeks later it started to rain.  Ok, so it was a sprinkle/drizzle/mist...this is Orange County after all.  It was  a Sunday afternoon and I was chilling at home, after just getting home from his house where I had spent the night.  I texted him saying something like, Aww man! Of course NOW it's raining when we're not together... He was busy with errands and whatnot all day, but a little while later he showed up at my house, told me to come outside, kissed me, told me to cross "be kissed in the rain" off my list, got back in the car, and left to continue his errands.  And now whenever it rains when we're together he makes sure to kiss me in it... He's a keeper.

carlmac carlmac

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I forced my boyfriend to do it, i was cute but in England you barely get the kind of rain i want! I don't mean a grey drizzle, i mean a huge thunderstorm where you get soaked within a matter of seconds, it sounds so romantic! It was adorable, but not quite like the movies make it out to be, *coughacinderellastorycough*

niltiacturner niltiacturner

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Brock Pulliam kissed me in the rain. It was magical.. and extremely wet. I absolutely love this man.

Zonicky222 Zonicky222

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Outside Costa Coffee ❤️

youshouldmissme youshouldmissme

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 Not as cool as expected.

Eleonore- Eleonore-

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After spending 2 weeks together, we had to say goodbye. That night there was a big thunderstorm. When he dropped me off at the house, as he got in his truck again, i ran back to him and we kissed in the rain. I went back home to the Netherlands and he stayed in Canada.. 

Poptart Poptart

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 been there, done that!

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