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kirstenholmes98 kirstenholmes98

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 Not the most exciting thing in the world but I was interviewed on ITV news after my college made some mistakes with oneof the resources for an A Level Biology paper 

Pickles Pickles

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I was a contestant on Ready Steady Cook. I followed that up with an appearance on the Wheel of Fortune and the Hot Seat


ceciliadt ceciliadt

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I am on 1:24


HMRaven HMRaven

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Watch True Life on MTV, "Im a part of an unusual subculture/I want respect for my sect" - Im on the Vampire one. Come join our Vampire Ball here in Austin, Tx in October too!


jkwbucket jkwbucket

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I have been on tv twice now one was what now back in 1996 or 7....and i have been on homie te paki paki......i have yet to be speak on tv tho lol

xXxleighxXx xXxleighxXx

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I was on a childrens game show called Raven filmed in Dunoon, Scotland.

natta natta

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This was an amazing experience. I went to Mexico City, called Televisa Studios and landed a spot on the live morning internationally known show- HOY. Needless to say, I had a blast. 

bernardtai bernardtai

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 Minute to win it.. 


actually I was in KBS in seoul back on 2010 too

lindsaybesecker lindsaybesecker

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 President Bush and his motorcade were driving through Charleston, my cousin and I were interviewed for a local news station. 

extraterrastrial extraterrastrial

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Realizing I was on TV: 5 stars

Standing in front of the cameras and being interviewed: 1 star

Mesmeric Siren Mesmeric Siren

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 Promoting Hairspray The Big Fat Arena Spectacular. 600+ kids rehearsing for the biggest show of Hairspray.

stacey.j.miller.37 stacey.j.miller.37

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Want to check this off for being on TV divorce

rbt89 rbt89

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Yeah, i was already in TV but didnt became famous. it was in a childshow "1, 2 or 3" and we made de 2nd place.

Urasiili Urasiili

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 Appeared on TV during area news scoop about vegeterian food trial in our workplace restaurant. Never thought I would be on tv!

skyecielo skyecielo

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 It was short and I was really dreading it at first. I did end up making a slight fool of myself since I walked into something when the camera was on me, but I was never meant to be the center of attention (I was just some volunteer). 

I just watched the footage and thankfully, my blunder was not included.

Floro Floro

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As a little girl I went on holiday for New Year with my grandparents. A terrible storm made the whole hotel and people from the area evacuate. Next day I was told, that there was a TV transmission late that night where I was sitting among all the suitcases and belongings - only in a short moment :-) I never even saw it myself...

Cely Cely

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4 times and counting :)  

sabrinakirin sabrinakirin

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I would like to appear somehow on TV- preferably not on the news and definitely not in any sort of .. adult.. stuff.

Commercial, extra in a show, or even a character on an entire season/movie!

amnaelshandaweely amnaelshandaweely

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 Since am a fashion designer, been hosted on many TV shows, MBC , CNN and more of local Egyptain channels 

maxienolet maxienolet

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During the RadArt tv show (on TFO), the host came to my school for an episode. During the show, I just so happen to be sitting in the front row. So when the cameraman swept the room with the camera, I was on tv!

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