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TianaM TianaM

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When I was little, I always wanted to become a teacher, so I could write on the chalkboard. I ended up going into Physical Education (Not many chalkboards) and I am finishing up my final semester in my Masters program in Health Education.

I am currently a teacher.. not in my career field yet, but this job has been so incredibly emotionally rewarding. I grew up in an inner-city area that was known for its high crime rates, high suicide rate, and poor graduation rate. I currently teach in the same district working at a school for students who are on a long-term suspension. They are often known as the "bad kids", the violent kids, the kids you "need to watch out for". Many of my students are on probation, kicked out of multiple school districts. Perhaps some of them are, but from my experience-- most of my kids are also the students who have faced more trauma that most adults couldn't even dream up. This district is ranked 13th in the nation for childhood poverty. Homelessness; mental, physical, and sexual abuse; parents in and out of prison, parents on heroin, Watching a parent get shot in the face by age 8, mom married the man that raped them, houses being raided and loaded guns being found in the same couch they sleep on, not being allowed in the house in the middle of winter because they left the bathroom light on, and pregnant at age 13 by a grown man.. just to name a few. These are my students. These kids are misunderstood and judged before they walk into a classroom before they are even spoken too.

This is why my heart is here and will always be here. The best feeling in the world is when you reach that ONE kid. Or a kid tells you that he doesn't act up here because this school is the first place that's treated you like a human being. Or when you make Vision boards and you're watching kids light up because they are realizing there is more than this city, and THEY can take control of their future's and get out. They can actually go to college if they want too! They are allowed to have goals and work for them.

I had one student who looked like a terrible person on paper-- easy to label as "bad".  We were working on some history. I asked "What do you know about the cold war?" and he listed off TONS of things he knew -- he knew WAY more than I did. As I picked my jaw back up from the floor, I was able to get out " how do you know all of this?!" He said, "When I was younger, I really liked to read.. One day I stole a book about the cold war from school -- and I read it.. and I thought it was really interesting. "

Another student came proudly in one morning and told me that she watched a girl getting jumped by a few other girls and USUALLY she would have jumped in. Instead, she helped the girl out. She even flagged down a police officer for the girl. Being that this student was on probation, this was a HUGE deal. 

While these are just a few examples of why I love what I do. There are so many more. These really are my babies. 

Milou Milou

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I'm now a french literature teacher in high school! 


Scarlett24 Scarlett24

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Finish College and get a teaching job!


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 I have been a teacher for three years. I have worked with pupils from 11 to 18 years old. 

I have organised school trips in London, Cambridge and Rochester. 

jay73 jay73

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 Since 1998

lisamrk1 lisamrk1

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Changing the world. Changing lives... 

britnee.bee.5 britnee.bee.5

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ontario teacher

alberta teacher


inonieves inonieves

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I have been a teacher with the Department of Education in Puerto Rico for 42 years. I will be retiring this May. Being a teacher has been the greatest for me. I love what I have been doing. It is my passion and it will continue to be.


pilidavis pilidavis

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become credentialled teacher. taught 4th grade. now teaching 1st grade


reneebrooketang reneebrooketang

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23 success stories

kelcantrell kelcantrell

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I started my first teaching job in August of 2008 : )[email protected]/5254355275/

danielnemes84 danielnemes84

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i was. Dream accomplished

debennett debennett

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Completed August 2011

snowshoecat snowshoecat

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I am now fully certified as a science teacher and have been teaching 7th/8th grade for one year.

lbusby lbusby

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2015 - got my first full time teaching position!

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