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carpedream carpedream

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Become a vegetarian and improve my lifestyle, feel healthier, protect all living beings

Timmsie Timmsie

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First time it lasted 3 years.  Lets do it again - longer ;) 


rosevanilla rosevanilla

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I became a vegetarian on November 2014


CharlotteRushton CharlotteRushton

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I think I have always had a desire to at least try to be a vegetarian, and so finally decided to take the plunge and give it a go! I have really enjoyed doing it, so will definitely continue. 

Andromeda Andromeda

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I would love to be aware of what I'm eating. Don't want to eat meat anymore. Just want to be healty, happy grass eater, haha. With the fish as exception.

clairematthews7 clairematthews7

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having read Sharon Gannon's 'Yoga and Vegetarianism' I could never eat meat again - cold turkey (sorry about the pun)...

People who claim to be vegetarian and still eat seafood and even chicken, are an insult to vegetarianism.

lolSelina lolSelina

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I never really liked meat, so I decided to just completly stop eating it.

Two years and still going strong.


theeonlykg theeonlykg

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30 success stories

Even if for a period of time, I want to just see if it is possible for me to do.

lisafoster lisafoster

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since i was 13

delaneymango delaneymango

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28 active goals

7 completed goals

29 success stories

perleskrin perleskrin

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I miss eating meat, but my head won't let me. GaaahBeen a veggie for about 4 or 5 years now lol 

MoonbeamFlower MoonbeamFlower

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6 success stories

I did as of Ocober 18, 2011.

GraceWalsh GraceWalsh

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19 success stories

4 year long achievement woo did it!

josannethesloth josannethesloth

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"I want to minimize the amount of deaths I'm responsible for." 

- Hazel in The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

edit on 01/08/13: on my 18th birthday i just sort of decided to stop eating meat and fish and any other animals and since then i haven't been on a perfect streak but that was never the end goal so i'm happy about how it's going!

asmaamri asmaamri

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قبل سنة تقريبًا جاتني حموضة شديدة من اللحم والدجاج،بعدها قررت أوقفه خصوصًا أنو فكرة النباتيين كانت في بالي من فترة..

بعدها تعافيت الحمدلله بس كرررررهت اللحم وريحته وصرت جديًا شخص نباتي..

...anna... ...anna...

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SInce I was 8 years old x

colourmegreeen colourmegreeen

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15 success stories

6 years and counting!

ardaipek ardaipek

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 Actually i just don't eat red meats like cow,sheep,pork or any other mamals. I'm still eating fish,turkey or chicken unfortunetly...

Fiercekoala4 Fiercekoala4

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actually...i've ruled out dairy completely. 


Bashoplop Bashoplop

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9 success stories

Kinda happened by accident.. just woke up one day and realised "Hey, I haven't had meat in months!"

I have kept it up for a year now and I am making healthier food choices, and am experiencing a wider variety of flavours than i did before. Oh, and even aeroplane food is better! 

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