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Floro Floro

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 Lived there for some years.

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Following years of self-guided studying, collegiate courses, and a summer spent working in Barcelona, I finally started to recognize that my Spanish abilities were approaching bilingual fluency. Those experiences provided me with the skill to work as a translator for a medical mission trip to Nicaragua, where the intensive work greatly accelerated my Spanish capabilities. Six months later, on a trip to Peru with just my wife and no other bilingual assistants, I successfully led us through a complex trip in predominantly my second language - English was only used with my wife. I recognized on the way back to the States that I had finally crossed the threshold into bilingual fluency in Spanish - years of dedication had finally paid off! 

GabriellaC GabriellaC

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Not my thing, but I took Spanish for years. I forgot a lot, but I know enough to be conversational.

brandon.t.cole1 brandon.t.cole1

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This was a must since I lived and labored as a missionary in Mexico for one and a half years.

mil123 mil123

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 i'm native spanish speaker XD

nati24 nati24

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 I am Puerto Rican and I am fluent in Spanish.

adam.d.clark.98 adam.d.clark.98

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It took me 5 yrs to learn, i can now say im fluent! Love the culture and just learning new slang and stuff. The ool thing is that there isnalways something to learn.


alexawoods alexawoods

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Started when I was 3 years old and now I'm here


jblandino jblandino

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Most of my life

EminemNerd EminemNerd

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Ever since pre-K, I've learned Spanish 

norsk_heks norsk_heks

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Done in 2007, but lack of experience has probably undone it. Maybe I should add it a second time as not achieved.


midnight498 midnight498

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 I have completed a Spanish course at the community college to brush up on my Spanish.  I understand the grammar and punctuation better and I feel much more confident speaking it.

juegoscualquieraxd juegoscualquieraxd

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 siempre hable español XD

maxie.vetor maxie.vetor

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Spend a year in Costa Rica! 

LoreJeuris LoreJeuris

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Ya lo hice! La verdad es que queria ir de intercambio sin saber adonde, si solo fuera un pais donde hablan el español ..asi que fui a Honduras.


y es verdad lo que dicen: "No es un año de tu vida, es tu vida en un año"


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