Build a gingerbread house

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ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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I have built so many I can't even remember how many. They are really fun to make but hard not to eat at the same time. my mom one year wouldn't let us eat it because she thought it looked to cool. haha 

hilda.satherberg hilda.satherberg

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 Built an ugly gingerbread house with my friends last christmas. It fell apart in the first hour lol!

Mamba Mamba

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 Not very professional result, but fun to make!

flamingrosedrakon flamingrosedrakon

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 When I was a senior in high school I was stuck in a situation where I had my first Christmas away from my family with four other girls due to an escalating domestic situation. To keep us in the season and to help in celebrating Christmas the staff chose that one of the activities that we would get to participate in would be a gingerbread house building activity.

  Well the person who was in charge of getting the gingerbread house materials forget to get the icing nor did she get any gingerbread housing kits. Instead we got some basics and to make sure the houses stuck we were given toothpaste for mortar.

  I was the stubborn one who didn't want to use toothpaste on something that would otherwise be edible so I went for a free-standing gingerbread house where everything had to rely on leaning upon something else thus the walls were giant marshmallows, the floor was graham crackers and the roof a chocolate bar. I even decided to use gum drops for bushes and then came up with an even more clever plan. I would have a pond for my gingerbread house as well.

  Taking the foil from my candy bar I tore a primitive circle from it to make a lake and then taking smaller marshmallows I squished them before adding goldfish crackers to them to have upright swimming fish in my pond. Unlike the others my gingerbread house had to be dismantled carefully and moved since there was no mortar but at least I can say it was all edible if one chose to go for it.

Melissa B Melissa B

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 This has become an annual tradition in our household every year for Christmas. It is so much fun to enjoy with the kids. In 2016 we made a gingerbread train instead; watch-out world:)

sugarpop5571 sugarpop5571

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 I made one this christmas and it was extremely messy and I loved doing this. SO FUN!

bunnyfoofoo405 bunnyfoofoo405

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So gingerbread house making is not a skill of mine. Apparently, gingerbread house making is also not in my future husband's skill set either. Everything was going smoothly until it came to construction of the house - the frosting would not stick - so the walls and roof kept falling down. In the end, we resorted to super glue and corn skewers to keep the dang thing from folding into itself. We refer to it affectionately as the Tijuana Prostibulo de Ositos de Goma (Tijuana whorehouse for gummy bears). I think I'll leave the gingerbread house making to Martha Stewart and her evil horde of crafters. 


MamaRaven MamaRaven

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My son and I put together a lovely little gingerbread house as part of the many activities we've been doing to bring in a little cheer during this awful year 💚

Jacattack Jacattack

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I did make a gingerbread house, but it collapsed within about 20 seconds...

turtlep13 turtlep13

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 Team OCA always rocks the Christmas time fun 

jerasamuel jerasamuel

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Me and my mother, and nephew Nyliq made a haunted gingerbread house on Halloween. And also made one on Christmas eve 


Mesmeric Siren Mesmeric Siren

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 My sister in law and i built a ginger bread house for the first time. 

Jamiebucketlistgoals Jamiebucketlistgoals

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 Its the first time i have even tasted ginger bread ....i think hahaha it was great.....i got a monopoly gingerbread kit it looks awesome.....and is very messy, the tube of icing burst tho hahaha but I'm managing hahaha and my babe helped me 

greennerdfighter greennerdfighter

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Very sticky, sweet and a huge mess. Always fun and a great gift for christmas.


sarah1777 sarah1777

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Fun especially when you get to do it with someone special. Our house was terrible collapsed halfway through. Too funny!

riinasara riinasara

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It was really nice to build a gingerbread house with my mom and we've done something with gingerbread every year.


Kinga Kinga

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 You know that Christmas feeling, when you just want to cuddle up and drink hot chocolate? Go in the kitchen and make a gingerbread house with your loved ones.

sguthreau sguthreau

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 Built my first ginger bread house with my wonderful wifey!

Aurora101 Aurora101

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Not just a house... a whole town out of ginger bread! Just wished I could eat more of it

Rubie-Redd Rubie-Redd

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 I just bought a cheap gingerbread house at Walmart. It isn't as easy as it looks as far as decorating it.

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