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MrBillSahara MrBillSahara

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My dad said they wouldnt let you do it unless it was perfectly safe, always wanted to give it a go.

wendyvazzy wendyvazzy

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After a few days of pestering my friends to go along with me, a total of 7 of us took a 2 hours drive from Vancouver to Whistler Bungee for this big thing. The staffs were really friendly and professional, and the jump went on really fast and smooth. The adrenaline rush was crazy - scary indeed during the free fall but hanging in the air looking through the beautiful scenery surrounding? AMAZING. Just do it, better at a place with nice scenery. You'll never regret, trust me!

wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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I love a good thrill! The first one I did was in France. I was scared as hell, thought I was going to die. But now I don´t so much as flinch jumping of a cliff. It´s great! I did my second one in New Zealand, outside beautiful Queenstown!

Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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Finally I did it! It was quite a leap of faith but it felt so good! It was a bit scary to look down and just let go and jump even it felt like it's craziest thing you might do up there! Finland's highest, 150 m 


lee.hartill lee.hartill

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My first bungee jump, won't be my last would love to do higher.

This one was done for Red Nose Day and it was 150ft.


Beckylouise Beckylouise

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200ft Charity jump for Meningitis Trust!

djosephkernan djosephkernan

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It was terrifying and adrenaline pumping, and one of the most amazing experiences of my life

emilyb.ostrander emilyb.ostrander

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 Decided to travel solo to Costa Rica in December 2015 and joined a group of people from all across the world. While driving to our next destination, we were told the town we were going to was known for bungee jumping. I had 30 minutes to decide if I would do it or not... so I did. 

We went to the location of the jumps and walked up to a cable car. The panic set in. The girls (myself and two others) were the lightest weight class so we went together, first. I went third of the group. The wind was swirling the cable car all around and the rain was intermittent throughout. As I went to jump, a rainbow appeared across the valley and a friend snapped this photo. It was the must adrenaline-inducing thing I have ever done, plunging head first into a valley... and I can't wait to go again! 

sayakams sayakams

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It was amazing, fantastic!!! I was so excited !

I wanna do that again someday. XD


jeffnelson19784 jeffnelson19784

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benconanwright benconanwright

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ShapkaBacon ShapkaBacon

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Just amazing! But now I know i'm never jumping backwards again  

marie.b.becker.1 marie.b.becker.1

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60 meters up high

justanother182 justanother182

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Tandem bungee with Stella :D <3!!!

peakypoo peakypoo

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Scariest thing I've ever done!

tst.jean tst.jean

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Scariest experience of my life...I am glad I did this once but I will never do it again. I went on vaction to Las Vegas, Nevada about two years ago with my mom and her bestfriend. While I was there I did some pretty amazing stuff, saw a Circque de Soleil show, saw Garth Brooks in concert, went to a shooting range, swam with sharks, drove a dune buggy. While searching for one more thing to do during my trip, I decided I was going to bungee jump off the Stratosphere, the tallest sky scraper in Las Vegas. I stood on the ledge ready to jump for about ten minutes questioning whether or not I was going to chicken out. I finally turned to the girl standing behind me and said push me or else Ill never jump and just like that I free falled all the way to the ground.

frankie.malone.7121 frankie.malone.7121

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I have done two bungees 

one indoors with my best mate nat 2012

one at global gathering festival off a crane 2012


lisagab18 lisagab18

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chuchena chuchena

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 It was amazing! Definitely will do this again!

sm543 sm543

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It was literally the most terrrifying experience of my life... BUT, so glad I did it! 

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